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Products of our country paper packs industrial current situation and development
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[Hui Cong manages network of general articles for use] Paper products is packed important place is taken in the our country industry that pack, the paper products industry that pack is occupied about 38% , occupy 1/3 of the whole industry that pack strong. At present the paper products output that pack ranks the world the 2nd, only under the United States, exceed Japan. "915 " the important period that the plan is development of Chinese economy high speed, will bring the progress that paper packs, hopeful catchs up with the United States to jump house world the first. The paper products industry that pack is carry with corrugated box, carton, consumer package gives priority to body, reach other paper products (include part of tube of beehive chipboard, paper bag, paper, paper, the) such as chipboard.

Corrugated box, carton is the packing use that corrugated fibreboard makes box is defeated by paper and sale carton, it is home appliance, electron, food, medicine, day is changed, wine of spin, smoke, light industrial wait for the container with essential industry. As a result of corrugated box, carton already light firm, can rise to facilitate the action of carriage protection goods, do not pollute an environment to belong to product of green environmental protection, can reclaim use reproduction, still can develop to take the place of with paper wood, take the place of with paper model, take the place of with paper glass, wait with paper acting metal, accordingly, paper is packed get rapid development, be able to apply extensively.

As the development of commodity market, come for years year after year of paper products amount increases by degrees quickly, will look with respect to industry of Shanghai paper container, 1990 paper forehead of tie up sale is close 1 billion yuan, to 2002 growth goes to 6 billion yuan, achieved 16 billion yuan 2006, 2007 near 20 billion yuan, average increase rate is 30% the left and right sides.

The rapid development of industry of our country corrugated box, carton drove other of products of papermaking industry, paper to machine machinery of course of study and paper box the development of industry and relevant industry. Be in " 95 " plan period, the rapid development of our country economy, promoted paper to pack level of mount of the class on the dimensions on the enterprise, product, bag. "3 endowment " ; industry measure grows at full speed, also introduced equipment of many foreign advanced technique and advanced management concept at the same time, increased the quality of the product and amount thereby, exert mouth commodity and inside the rate of form a complete set that wants commodity to pack has apparent growth. The author thinks: Want to make industry of products of our country paper continues to maintain swift and violent development, must have the structural adjustment of the following respects.

Corrugated box industry continues to adjust interior structure

Henceforth in period of time, corrugated box industry will adjust to the following respects and develop:
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