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Suffer international environment to affect the accent on paper stationery price
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Paper, stationery, presswork and be packed and brand product, the attune since this day goes up 10% to 50% .

Consortium of Malaysia paper business, Xue Longwen provides consortium of typographer of book industry consortium, Malaysia, and consortium of typographer of snow grand China makes afore-mentioned announcing now.

All mixing paper, plastic the stationery product that concerns with iron, include A4 and A3 office paper, taste brand of wrapping paper box like book, daybook, booklet, sales promotion with other presswork, and relevant product, metropolis basis pressworks cost rises in price.

Li Quanfeng of secretary of consortium of typographer of snow grand China says now, because violent wind of international crude price rises, and traffic expense rises wait for each element, course of study person must move go up paper, stationery and presswork the price of the product.

He says, print person never adjusted 10 years in the past presswork the price, but because be affected by global trend, 4 big consortium just decide to adjust product value.

As paper and presswork product value one's style of work as well as one's moral quality goes up, stationery (iron of paper / plastic / is base product) will rise in price 10% to 30% , common presswork with industry the product rises in price 10% to 40% , the box that pack pressworks / brand rises in price 26% to 50% , and film crossing glue and rise in price solely too 10% to 15% .

Print high investment is low answer fulfil

The basis is forecasted, a4 book writes paper to will rise in price in September this year to every packets of 12 your auspicious, current price is every packets of 10 your auspicious to 10 your auspicious 50 celestial being.

Li Quanfeng provides book industry consortium, Malaysia typographer consortium in consortium of Malaysia paper business, Xue Longwen now, and say on the press conference that controller of consortium of typographer of snow grand China holds jointly, skin of paper, paper and carton are print person main raw material, seize manufactured goods 60% to 70% , occupy at the same time pack and of brand trade manufactured goods 70% to 75% .

He says, the accessary raw material that print place needs also rises in succession 15% to 35% , the cost increasing a cost of other goods and materials also rises 10% to 15% .

In addition, chen Xinghua of chairman of Malaysia typographer consortium points out, presswork the machine rises in price to rise to already was brought about with employee pay presswork cost rises, nevertheless, course of study person did not raise printer for years in the past endowment.

"Print person already did not have ability to induct these additional cost, we can say is high investment, low answer fulfil. "

Paper, stationery, presswork to go up with value of the product that pack

Line of the products goes up

Stationery (iron of paper / plastic / is base) 10-30%
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