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Feature of market of jotter of 2008 summer vacation time and user consumption ar
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One, market overview and viewpoint

Annual summer vacation time is PC manufacturer the busiest phase, the sales volume of a summer vacation often can take their annual sales volume 4 into above. Be about to kick off as what European cup opens contest, Olympic Games, the sales promotion of market of jotter of summer vacation time depreciated 2008 the activity was pulled open early prelusive, many brands had begun first-run heat to close to June.

ZDC thinks, heat closed to the consideration that begins than shifting to an earlier date before basically has two sides 2008, above all, as a result of the Olympic Games August, for limelight of escape Olympic Games, so chamber of commerce of a lot of workses shifts to an earlier date heat hurried; Next one big reason is, because in August fast gallop 2 taste newly will appear on the market, each manufacturers begin to want to clear necessarily old product inventory.

So, feature of market of jotter of summer vacation time how? How consumer has buy the trend? Are each big does the brand have again why heat hurried strategy? For this, ZDC of consumptive survey center sets out from face of tripartite of the market, user, manufacturer, right feature of market of jotter of summer vacation time, user consumed heat of brand of behavior, key to close to strategy undertakes an analysis 2008.

Carry the investigation of markets of pair of jotter of summer vacation time, ZDC summary gives the following verdict:

   One of, look from feature of market of summer vacation time:

   •Centralized degree increases the brand, associate, HP, Dai Er is leading role of summer vacation time;
   •Summer vacation time of each big jotter manufacturer gives new device, beg seek other newly;
   •High-definition jotter becomes a grand opera, fast gallop 4 show type to accept favour alone;
   •Low exceeds portable jotter to will become one of heat of market of summer vacation time;
   •Depreciating still is thematic, 6000 yuan record this be current with begin to write or paint.

   Secondly, from user of summer vacation time consumption forecasts on look:

   •Market of summer vacation time buys latent capacity big, 7 express to be able to buy notebook during summer vacation time into above user;
   •Will greet consumer to buy July this peak period, in August with in September purchasing power may progressively and abate;
   •Function, price will become the 3 big factors that when consumer buys notebook, measure mainly;
   •Each respect is balanced model as driving as function model the first selection model that jotter will make consumer;
   •Low end takes notes in our market will have outstanding show, 8000 yuan of the following products buy latent capacity the strongest;
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