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The check in year: Unveil product of stationery of 2008 sell like hot cakes myst
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[Hui Cong manages network of general articles for use] Was destined 2008 is a particular year of a different common, besides brought endless joy and glory to us while, also brought bitterness and grief to all Chinese.

The stationery market of 2008 also is likewise 3 fold, was full of variable. Rise as a result of the appreciates to guide outside paying, trade is exported directly company cost of the RMB, profit drops, the company that so a lot of is give priority to in order to export begins to pay attention to the development of home market, the domestic stationery market that makes original competition very intense becomes more lively, competition reached the level that turn white-hot. The country issued stationery new bid again on April 1, 2008 " the safe and current requirement of student things " , in some sense, the company that gives those technical content low small mill form wore a the Incantation of the Golden hoop again, low to leaning so price will win is a great challenge for the company that takes the market to live, plus present society it is a society that is full of individual character, the product of in a popular style has gained the favour of consumer very hard, the product that novelty spy, brand turns just can make consumer feels an upsurge of emotion, consequently help sb generously with money, and of the development of new product, brand establish need technical support, capital support, so this a series of variable makes very big one part industry survives the degree that reached hardship, the enterprise that cannot get used to market variable also is destined to be able to be washed out.

Hold market ability to hold a destiny. Want to live, the profit that wants to earn high specified number, always hold market pulsation only, the be fond of that knows customer just is most the most important thing. Hui Cong net as home website of the biggest B2B electron business affairs, stand in the foremost edge of the market, a list of names posted up of search wind and cloud of Hui Cong net momently, second of every minutes of minute second is in the feeling that reflecting customer. Claver says less, below small make up me to ask everybody to see a guest go together with me Hui Cong searchs a list of names posted up of wind and cloud to ramble, look stationery market is medium first half of the year 2008 what product most accept consumer favour, open the mysterious veil of product of stationery of 2008 sell like hot cakes together.

One, ran pop chart of TOP30 of product of stationery of sell like hot cakes of market of general articles for use first half of the year 2008

2008 Cong Huicong searchs a list of names posted up of wind and cloud to look first half of the year, most the product of sell like hot cakes is pen of box of folder, desk calendar, notebook, neuter pen, advertisement pen, archives, fluorescent pen, stapler, cubbyhole, earmark, file set, pen of pen of bag of data book, pen, pen container, pencil sharpener, ability in swimming, watercolour waits a few office a moment, because category of product of sell like hot cakes is more, I am differ one give uncecessary details, I a rank is advanced the product of stationery of sell like hot cakes of 30 comes out to enumerate with the form of form, next watches are specific rank.
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