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What strong what is weak competition ability of jotter of 5 manufacturers low is
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One, market overview and viewpoint

Consume the rapid growth of dimensions as market of Chinese notebook computer, make the competition between the brand grow in intensity, weighing wanted appearance most among them is price war. Jotter market had experienced important price war twice 2007, the breaks through 4000 yuan battle that was June, by associate take the lead in starting. 2 was 2007 2999 yuan of the bottom battle, after Hua Shuo rolled out 2999 yuan of easy PC in November, divine boat immediately rolls out 2999 yuan of Q540X. Of two low jotter fight, adumbrative begin to write or paint marks the resurgence of smoke of gunpowder of great war of our market price.

The price war of jotter market was performed again 2008, as one falls of each big firm price war, bring about market price case to glide quickly, firmly of 6000 yuan of the following jotter holds position of market main trend, attention is spent also go tall with each passing day. ZDC thinks depreciating main reason is: On one hand, as a result of fast gallop 4.5 platform gradually occupational market, have certain effect to the price of old platform product. On the other hand, in Hua Shuo the influence of easy PC sell like hot cakes falls, many manufacturers also express to will roll out low portable jotter, produce certain impact to the price of traditional jotter, bring about the price to slide ceaselessly.

To understand general situation of current low market further, internet consumes the data natural resources with huge ZOL of have the aid of of survey center ZDC, to arriving in January 2008 low took notes in April our market (6000 yuan the following) state of firm competition ability undertakes study, basically include brand competition ability, product competition ability, price competition ability, market to forecast wait for a few big fields. In the process of this second investigation, involve 22 firms, mainstream of city carry out exceeds 500 6000 yuan with next jotter.

According to the investigation to competition ability of jotter of low of 5 big firms, ZDC reachs the following viewpoint:

   One of, from the point of strategy of market of low of 5 big firms:

   •Associate -- follow suit not blindly, take the price war of do with sb unconscious;
   •HP -- have a definite object in view, make with low type knock extend region market;
   •Divine boat -- rely on its absolutely price advantage to come occupational market;
   •Hua Shuo -- use broad price to take, offer customer a choice;
   •Dai Er -- have special type occupational low market, brunt type can carry fair price.

   Secondly, look from the angle of strategy of competition of product line of 5 big firms:

   •Associate -- low market fastens big powers force to hit out by the rising sun;
   •HP -- develop territory of low jotter market by V3000 series;
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