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User investigation: What price smartphone most get attention
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Current, the smartphone that regards mobile phone fractionize as the function very consumer favour, be in especially in high-end market, the smartphone is distinguish oneself more. Does value of smartphone market product distributing specific how? For this, ZDC is right smartphone market undertook price interval is investigated in April 2008, pay close attention to a circumstance with understanding an user further. Specific distributing see figure below.

Smartphone most what is getting attention price
(Graph) scale of attention of smartphone of different in April 2008 price distributings

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Data shows, the 1000-2000 on smartphone market yuan with 2001-3000 yuan the product between most get attention, both paid close attention to scale to all exceed 30 percent, especially latter, paying close attention to scale is to reach the height of 37.4% more.

From the point of the angle of the product, product of interval of this two big price accords with trend of market main trend in the price, function and performance side, and the product basically is two kinds big: One of, appear on the market the high-end product with longer time, several times the price glides drop into interval of this two big price. From the point of this angle, this is to bring about here the main factor with product intense price war. Secondly, it is new the product that appear on the market, this kind of type often attracts customer with function of outstanding exterior design, mainstream.

Monitor from ZDC product in light of, nuojiya N72 is 1000-2000 yuan between most a product that gets attention, but because appear on the market longer, will be faced with retreat city. And in 2001-3000 yuan interval of this one price, nuojiya N73 instigates most the crossbeam that suffers an user to pay close attention to a product.

Attention scale is in of 10 percent above still have 3001-4000 yuan with 4001-5000 yuan interval of this two big price, attention scale is ordinal for 12.9% with 14.0% . Scale of attention of product of other price interval all is in 4 percent less than.

According to investigation, the 1000-2000 with taller to attention ZDC yuan with 2001-3000 yuan between the product pays close attention to situation undertake monitoring, specific go situation see figure below.

Smartphone most what is getting attention price
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