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Market of 2007-2008 China SaaS appears 5 big characteristics
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[Hui Cong handles question of net of general articles for use] " 2007-2008 year software operation serves (SaaS) the market considers to report " show, saaS market appeared a lot of and positive factor 2007. Enterprise user serves to software operation (SaaS) of mode approbate degree rising ceaselessly, register user and growth of user paying fee rapid, rate of prediction of a person's luck in a given year falls quickly, software operation serves (SaaS) a kind of compensatory way that mode has made enterprise CIO informatization build, management software operation serves (SaaS) the market rose more than 100% last year.

All information tell us, software operation serves (SaaS) bring the progress that gives Chinese software the industry new opportunity, to enterprise informatization of China construction brings new thinking. But, conquer this inviting " long end " the road of the market is not even. The metropolis such as framework of construction of sale of fixed position of service of thought of commercial pattern, profit pattern, carry, product, product, channel, technology brings unprecedented challenge. Face a challenge, we need to adjust very ongoing direction and strategy, remove the obstacle on progressive path, lead to successful path.

On the whole 2007-2008 year Chinese software operation serves (SaaS) the market reflected 5 big features:

Market of application of 2008 management SaaS will continue high speed grows

2007 is domestic SaaS the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, a few domestic and international manufacturers begin to run online service mode in home in succession, have representative product quite: Abacus of friendly dealer network of Jin Die, gold, inscription 10 thousand, the China that China number rolls out in the Salesforce of online, abroad, A online wait. Choosing the firm of these services at the same time, some are the companies that become tradition management software, they more it is to making a kind of attempt, hope SaaS can cover more small and medium sized business, achieve its product line finally to enclothe all users group purpose.

After the exploration that passes ASP age and failure, user and firm are more well-rounded. Plan world information considers to discover, management software operation served the market to grow 104.5% 2007, achieve 450 million yuan. Management SaaS user passes old market to teach, increase rate was achieved 2007 66% . 2008, mature further as the product of the manufacturer, the market increases of propagandist strength ceaselessly, plan world information is forecasted, management SaaS applied the market to will continue to maintain high speed growth 2008, attain 800 million yuan market scale.

Hua Dong, China north and development of market of Hua Na region are rapid, southwest and China in area potential is tremendous

Software operation served 2007 (SaaS) the market basically distributings to be mixed in Hua Dong, China north Hua Na area. From at present software operation serves (SaaS) in light of the overall arrangement that offers a firm, main provider also distributings in these 3 areas. Although software operation serves (SaaS) it is to be based on Internet, but software operation serves (SaaS) breed in the market period the sale investment that the market launchs circumstance and firm has very big concern. At present the manufacturer of these 3 area brought bigger impact to the education of local user, the acceptance of the user spends otherer area tall, market scale is relative also bigger.
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