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Current situation of Chinese stationery trade reachs development state
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The state that expresses stationery industry with a few words reachs bewilderment: Big, small, tall, low, strong

Disappear is measured painfully -- big

If the guest householder of • stationery course of study is enterprise or business unit is not an individual, and the new company that adds newly every year expands ceaselessly, buy an amount big;
•2005 year entire industry sales revenue 150 billion yuan of above;
• is close 5 annual all increase rate is 12% , henceforth 10 years year all increase rate is 5% ;
• country policy is helpful for intervening, governmental invite public bidding begins to bring into stationery and office equipment product;
The student of 100 million reachs •1.8 on the domestic office of ten million begins to set sail.

Company condition -- small

Stationery is retail company scope is global very small (most storefront does not exceed many 60) ;
Stationery is retail company sale is very small (the biggest do not exceed 500 million yuan) ;
Stationery is retail the storefront of the company the area is small (the biggest do not exceed 3000 to make the same score rice)
Chinese stationery is current the industry is exceeding and dispersive, the whole nation had company of stationery of model of many 2500 etiquette 2004, and 10% what rank before 10 company sale the sum to be less than countrywide gross;
Stationery produces an enterprise to face these similar problems likewise, those who produce per year a quantity to exceed 1 billion is very few;
China has not appeared national stationery is retail enterprise, the competition inside the industry is intense appear intense regional;

Enter camp -- low

• because lifecycle of tall, product grows technical maturity, raw material makes technology, product standardize degree relative to easy, equipment low factor, the whole of stationery production and retail industry enters camp inferior
• enterprise and orgnaization of venture capital investment have fixed rate to the investment value of stationery industry underestimate;
The summation of retail business is less than before • 10 big stationery the whole nation the market share of 10% , the industry is spent centrally low, put in integrated opportunity;
• personnel quality the capital requirement of low, retailing shop product technology content is low, low;
The competition of •70% above basically is centered in common stationery product, low end the yield of the product can be superfluous, small shop is bristly, on the market a lot of unfair competition, the trade is total benefit is low.

Competitive doorsill -- tall

• can look from the dimensions of the manufacturing company of this industry and current business reach, the competitive threshold of this industry is too high, numerous enterprise cannot form his core competition ability in the market, is not to resemble what a lot of people say in that way -- this industry doorsill is low, so called low just enter a doorsill, and if want to be in,this industry makes a contribution not easy somewhat, pressing is this industry for common saying " water " very deep;
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