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Examine beautiful 2008 country to have job in the round
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American furniture line of business and the manufacturing industry related its (include hutch cabinet) at present main concentration is in 3 areas, one is center-west region, they include: Mixiegen city, indiana city, Ohio, Wisconsin, Yilinuosi city; It is southern area secondly, they include: North blocks Luo Laina city, close cc to compare city He Fuji Ni Yazhou; It is southwest ministry area thirdly, they include California city, new Mexico city and Texas. American furniture line of business is the earliest from the area northeast namely development of new england of Ni Yahe of law of new York, Bin Xi rises, transfer to center-west region later, transfer to southern area again then. The move of every time is tend actually production cost is lower with the area with high grade resourceful hardwood, this kind " the move of engineering capability " all be in North America and abroad most industry such. Now, 2/3 of the furniture that the furniture that the 12 states institute with American furniture the biggest crop manufactures takes American mainland to make and hutch ark.

Furniture and the industry is medium related its most get globalization is negative percussive branch is wooden furniture line of business, include ligneous and hutch ark course of study, civil furniture, ligneous office furniture and software furniture among them. Come from 1997 2005, divide the furniture industry beyond hutch ark, already lost obtain employment post 108, 000, perhaps say to occupy the worker unemployment of 21% .

Unfortunate is, the consumable that produces as a lot of batch is same, civil furniture already became a kind more resembling is a large amount of kind " general goods " , sale depends on the price. What consumer basically is interested is the furniture that looks pretty good and the furniture that look costly. They inspect furniture no longer is a thing that merits beautiful fund, it is the thing that accompanies their childhood life no longer, perhaps be worth saved antique. Such, the money that consumer spends on furniture is less and less, and the establishment of entertainment of gadgety, family of electric subclass, travel and lie fallow to also draw out the money in the moneybag of consumer. Because spell the price in the market, the shrink of profit big earth of American furniture manufacturer, but manufacturing cost is rising ceaselessly however. This produced serious extruding to profit, the result makes the investment of pair of factories and equipment drops considerably, the technology that brought about a lot of American furniture factories finally and equipment fell behind greatly.

The globalization concussion to American wood course of study

The concussion that globalization divides branch door trade each to furniture line of business makes the place of American manufacturer changes flooey. Come from 1992 2005, the entrance of all furniture product (include civil furniture, mass organizations to use furniture and office furniture, but do not include hutch cabinet) raise 23.65 billion dollar from 4.1 billion dollar, raised 20 billion dollar almost, perhaps said to grow 477% . Between this first phase, raise 10.8 billion dollar from 208 million dollar from Chinese entrance, raised 11 billion dollar almost, perhaps say to be in 13 years in, grew 50 times.
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