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Mainland guest swims stage Ma Yinjiu: Let mainland guest get used to the origina
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Mainland guest goes to a stage July be about to start off, a lot of sightseeing tourist attractions and dining-room, hang fascia of simplified Chinese characters or specification to take a settle or live in a strange place in succession. But according to report, the Ma Yinjiu president of Taiwan 18 days of evening and stand appoint express when eat appraise, hope tourism person the brief introduction that provides mainland tourist, will not to be able to be given priority to with the original complex form of a simplified Chinese character.

The report says, ma Yinjiu expresses, already asked the person that administrative unit follows sightseeing industry is advocated, use as far as possible in Taiwan " standardized form word " , "Let them (mainland tourist) go getting used to us, not be we go getting used to him. Not be we go getting used to him..

Report of the person that attend the meeting, ma Yinjiu thinks to calculate open Liu Ke to go to a stage, also should not increase sign of simplified Chinese characters, should with standardized form word as the mark, encourage mainland brethren to meet the beauty of standardized form word, understanding Taiwan saves the achievement of China culture.

According to report, kuomintang stands appoint Li Qinghua is met in eat in, the pencil that produces preparation of presidential government office expresses, taiwan simplified Chinese characters is flusher and flusher, the word that links the decorative pattern on pencil also has simplified Chinese characters, remind presidential government office to because this is nodded,do not let outside make an issue of. Ma Yinjiu heard Li Qinghua's argument, did not answer directly, it is multi-purpose to opening Liu Ke to still answer " standardized form word " , offer a view.

As a result of Kuomintang honor the chairman joins battle child, in Lian Shengwen of members of standing committee is in middling is mentioned on the meeting, when Taiwan prepares to received mainland tourist to go to a stage in July, equipment remains to strengthen related the airport. Kuomintang stands appoint Shuai Huamin also reacts, mainland tourist goes to a stage, a lot of establishment must strengthen Taiwan, and should have " national level " investment construction, should not do casually.