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Shallow analyse of demand of market of domestic pen estate and competitive trend
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Regard culture things as a branch of the industry, common book writes pen industry to be like the rose of bashful all the time in home market, blossom soundlessly, however, the change as consumptive demand and more and more firms change the look to home market, sum kind of industry after entering 7 years, abruptly wind unboiled water rises, have the power that Shan Yu is about to come to greatly. The article basically faces current industry condition twice to undertake analysing from demand and competition.

One, demand situation:

(one) market size and demand structure

1, market size rises steadily

Serve as kind of quick pass the time in a leisurely way to taste, sum main show is kind of capacity of the market economic correlation sex and population correlation sex.

Above all, need not delivers suspect, as economic development, size of market of on a lump-sum basis will expand further, and the consumption of pen core drops possibly stage by stage. The truth is very simple, economy grew, consumptive ability also rose accordingly, the price of on a lump-sum basis low, in the meantime, face the temptation that tastes newly again, change core to be inferior to changing a pen so. This is similar to the mobile phone nowadays a bit, maintenance is inferior to updating.

Next, population amount consumes the relative stability of the crowd namely, make pen kind the market is in opposite steady state again, very demand won't have erupt type grows. Population measures this one index, basically can use at to region market go the quantity is evaluated.

The data shows, annual of culture things market always go the quantity is in 150 billion above, and be in every year with the speed of 15% increase by degrees. Among them pen kind occupy about 5% among them- - 10% .

2, demand structure:

Before long, dictate of pencil of pen, ball-pen, wood pole is worn our study and life, but nowadays, the pen looks for its footprint hard already in our daily life, ball-pen and wood pole pencil although great achievements still is put, but also already protruding shows declining tendency. Neuter pen already kept abreast of with ball-pen, of whole surmount can be expected soon, replace to also be not wishful thinking. Meanwhile, wood pole pencil also is faced with mobile pencil tighten stalemate nibble step by step.

Sum the change of kind of market demand structure is main the element has 2, it is economic drive, 2 for technical drive. Suffer its to affect, neuter pen, propelling pencil will lead an industry tide, continue strong; At the same time a few capacities that if watercolour pen, oil painting is good,wait for young class can expand stage by stage.

(2) the change that consumes demand

1, consume demand with each passing day diversity

Pen itself just writes a tool one kind, in corporeal shortage time, the consumptive reason of people is to because of,satisfy its only the need of the life, job and the secretary that learn and arise. As the development of economic society, be opposite between different consumption group sum kind of product is corresponding generated higher demand, say simply, be close friends not only write (quality is good) , and want good-looking (aesthetic) , best even cheap (price) , be based on the influence of these a few elements just about, make different consumptive crowd right the demand of the pen appears a different characteristic increasingly. Current and character, sum kind of market is roughly OK cent is two, do public pen and student to use a pen namely.
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