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Chinese stationery terminal market develops trend investigation report
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Chinese stationery terminal market only then at 80 years of metaphase, in China the most crackajack labour of Guangzhou friendship garden, Shanghai is approved and Beijing always outside city, this 3 big terminal market comply with national policy to turn except Guangzhou friendship garden make become a private enterprise, do more jump over flourishing, 67% markets divide things of office of market of firm Zhan Huana the forehead. Shanghai labour is approved still belong to a country the 100 couplet group of the name, beijing always outside the city also belongs to state-owned company always outside city group.

3 big stationery terminal market of Chinese

3 big stationery terminal market of Chinese

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In recent years, the cent of culture things industry sells mode and channel to produce very big change, be in " the person that get terminal gets the world " , " sale channel is compressed change " in call out sound, tycoon of things of foreign capital office is strong garrison, extensive office articles for use interlinks a supermarket to resemble emerge. Whether does traditional terminal market still act the mainest commodity billabong part? Of electronic business affairs mature with each passing day, the client dependence to terminal market what change did degree have? How should the management owner that serves as the market adjust management means to get used to the demand of the market? Does Chinese stationery terminal market develop a tendency how?

In western country, terminal market pattern of this kind of trade especially small commodities terminal market, had exited the market gradually, make the main trend of the market no longer. Have produce only (wait like fruit, vegetable, fresh vegetable) this kind must the class that the spot reads goods takes terminal market form, produce of and rather than is by major jobber completes wholesale professional work in him company. Chinese district develops disequilibrium, disequilibrium of urban and rural development, traffic news report is relatively backward, news channel is opposite not below the free environment that lags behind at western country, does terminal market have tendency of what kind of development can you have?

It is reported, develop to get used to the market, terminal market of this 3 big stationery is made severally upgrade transform a movement, guangzhou friendship garden casts heavy gold to undertake to B house complete new clothes is repaired, build favorable shopping environment, promotion hardware, the respect is publicized in the brand, more roll out " first stationery designs a contest " initiate stationery bound beginning, conduct the market survey that is aimed at office things for many times, provide data for the businessman how-to; Beijing always outside the city is rolled out " rainbow project " , jockey in the market, respect of management area, service is made upgrade, always outside began what city group purchases a center to also be in 7 years to try in the round May do business, associated stationery produces manufacturer to begin office things to deserve to send professional work for terminal company; Shanghai labour is approved purchase a center to make brand-new Asia exceed international of big stationery gift, build new market, offer wholer form a complete set to serve, it is better to be offerred for the businessman trade platform. Set out from businessman angle, after all what kind of is the market in businessman memory? The author is chaired engineered operator of pair of stationery terminal market to have comprehensive investigation and study.
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