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Computer hardware becomes American electron business affairs to trade the specif
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IResearch Ai Rui seeks advice from the United States that releases according to EMarketerElectronic business affairsMarket data discovers, american electron business affairs trades commodity of frontal rank first is computer hardware, average order hands in easy forehead to spend for 256.3 dollars, platoon of product of Wu of ticket of product of consumptive report subclass, car, match, movie, outdoors activity is in 2 go to 5, the merchandise category of before the rank 10 still has footgear of office things, motion, household, dress act the role ofing to taste with the toy.

Occupy data additionally to show, computer hardware and product of consumptive report subclass although market share is larger, development speed is in however slow down. Ai RuiSeek advice think, commodity of influence electron business affairs trades frontal element is very much, except consumption level, fashionable tide, season changes, social rule be in what there all is electronic commerce on degree certainly to trade the forehead changes, manufacturer of electronic business affairs needs pulse of follow closely society, because of situation and move, suffer to the target numerous undertake more the sale activity with standard essence.

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