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Modern other people sheds the research current situation of systematic technolog
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Technology of content shedding system is advanced the main component in production technology, from its analysis of broad sense connotation can see it already carried development from simple before stock the integrated skill that to today's collect science of mechanical design, computer, management learns to control a technology to be equal to a suit with automation.

Enter 90 time last stage, the maker of the whole world and cent sell business to continue to bearing all sorts of pressure, include among them: Product order for goods is smaller, more frequent, product requirement changes ceaselessly and more the user is changed and serve value to lift etc. Operator people must make of the factory move get used to turnaround time of the mixture of order for goods, shorter order for goods and taller productivity. Those who move is the inventory management that must take particular strategy to suit to raise a requirement ceaselessly, flexible and the degree with all sorts of compositive processes. In supplying chain concentration has move, couple to a few processes or eliminate, make the content of factory and storehouse flows and iformation flow is more effective. Modern below the requirement of these change other people sheds a technology to show a few new development trends from each respects.

1 modern other people sheds broad sense connotation of the system

Tell from broad sense, the place of substance of material of content shedding generally refer to and its carrier (or the position) move and time take up, point to the physical flow process of corporeal substance namely. It is the situation that be being produced and expands increasingly falls to join for organic ground " for " and " need " , make sure social production undertakes smoothly, obtain good economic benefits and develop a science that rise. The mechanization that the issue that content shedding wants to solve is content shedding activity, automation and rationalize, in order to achieve the time of content shedding system and dimensional beneficial result.

Content shedding system is the time that shows it is certain to be in and space in, the stock that needs to carry by place and include to concern the equipment, has specific function organic whole that carries equipment of tool, storage, personnel and communication connection to wait for a certain number of dynamic element that restrict each other to form. As the development of computer science and automation technology, system of content shedding management also conforms to the principle of simplicity only way develops quickly to automation management, its basically indicate is automatic content sorts equipment, if guide automatically,make a car (system of AGV-Automated Guided Vehicle) , automatic memory, extraction (in AS/RS-Automated Storage/retrieve S Y S T E M) , sky one-track and automatic car (SKY-RAV-Rail Automated Vehicle) , stacker (Stacker Crane) , reach content to shed computer management and the occurrence that control a system.

Develop up to now, content shedding system is the system that photograph of typical contemporary and mechanical electron integrates. Modern other people sheds a system by semi-automatic change, the thing that automation down to has certain intelligence sheds equipment and computer thing to shed management and control system composition. Equipment of any a kind of content shedding must accept content to shed the management of systematic computer to control, accept the statement that the computer issues, complete the action that its set, the circumstance that feedback movement carries out or current and located state. The content with intelligent higher rate sheds equipment to have certain autonomy, can identify method and environment better, itself contains particular data processing function.
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