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Be about to seize global PC throne to unscramble Dai Er to be in again Huaxin st
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  2008, dai Er continues to strengthen the deploy of Chinese market. Develop new field, transition diversity, can you become Dai Er to contend the HP, another great weight that ascends PC champion throne afresh? The following ZDC is in China to Dai Er the new strategy of the market undertakes an analysis.


Daier once was the PC firm with the biggest whole world, but because cost rises, fail follow closely vicissitude of the market, straight annul encounter in Chinese market " natural environment refuses to obey " wait for an element, make its are in the status that the 3rd quarter lost global PC throne 2006, dai Er undertakes business adjust all the time later, be about to recapture position of global PC first.

Dai Er was seeking a breakthrough all the time 2007, go up in Chinese market especially the movement is frequent, sell all the time from sheet march retail, sell mode happening to change; From " business suit change is walked on " to " 8 kinds of colour " , elevate the strategic status that consumes market business quickly.

2008 is Dai Er the 10th year when enter China, dai Er began comprehensive deploy again in Chinese market, be in especially channel respect, dai Er on one hand, the retail channel China is comprehensive augment, after afterwards tries Shui Guomei, the Su Ning that pull a hand, great plan 3 afterbirth. On the other hand, enlarge retail dot, will enclothe limits to arrive from the 45 cities dilate 2007 1200 cities this year.

   Dai Er why aggrandizement China strategy?

   One of, because of the United States second borrow the crisis, range of American business growth may be small

Dai Er is the old of American PC market all the time, with HP, associate wait for competitor photograph to compare, dai Er relies on American market morely, but as a result of current economic situation -- second borrow the crisis, make Dai Erzheng is facing a challenge, president of the company that wear Er holds Dai Er of CEO Michael • concurrently to predict even, market of United States of a few quarters rises tomorrow extent may the smallest. In addition, dai Er was released money of the four seasons signed up for 2007, sales revenue grows 10.5% , amount to 15.99 billion dollar, but profit glides compared to the same period apparent.

Can see, the atrophy of American consumer purchasing power generates the sale that did not come to its certain influence. The future that wear Er depends on more the growth of overseas market, china makes the market with the mainest whole world that wear Er.

   Secondly, want recover lost territory, the importance of Chinese market is self-evident

From look on the situation at present, in global market, dai Er is facing the competition of HP aggressive, in Chinese market, associate wait for native land brand to not allow likewise small gaze. And show according to DisplaySearch data, the four seasons spent grand 碁 to already also surmounted Dai Er 2007, make the whole world manufacturer of the 2nd big jotter.
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