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Stationery industry production and exit put the problem that be in and developme
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Chinese stationery industry is in phase of fast and forward progress at present, the backside that developing quickly however, existing a few adverse elements are restricted and block up is worn the healthy progress of brand of domestic stationery new student, if lack clear and orderly standard, waste of competition of onefold, low, resources waits product line a moment badly, these are the Fan Li that current stationery industry grows, incorporate is in the following respects:

Product structure onefold, scale of production slants small

The range that covers as a result of stationery industry place content of capacious, technology is low, enter a doorsill extremely low, investment is scarce effect market of fast, demand is huge the element that waits for many sided, bring about a lot of medium and small businesses to invest stationery industry in succession, and not just ark of jotter of such as of bureau be confined to, pen, album, file relative to bigger stationery industry, connect the stationery product with an an a bottle of small glue, needle that return a heart, plastic so little feet, can train company of a stationery even. The company assets of above of about 40 % does not exceed home 5 million yuan, and a lot of enterprises have single product only, develop two kinds very hard or two kinds of above, and scale of production slants small, these specializationing that restricted stationery trade badly and brand are changed run.

OEM collaboration lacks brand dominant industry

Need not dare not or would not speak up, at present most stationery enterprise of home still is doing the treatment of OEM to make, namely fetch of order for goods, oneself just machine crude manufactured goods, the production that stick a card appoints the stationery product of the brand. It is necessary that mode of this kind of production develops initial stage in stationery industry and feasible, it is the most efficient way that capital is accumulated and experience accumulates. But the flying development as industry of our country stationery, now have been a large number of heroes rises, this horn those is chased, exuberant situation, if still stay in simple treatment to produce the level merely only, be afraid to in can competing intensely very quickly, be washed out.

Lack the malign competition of industry standard

Current, home still does not have the stationery industry on a firm sense to coordinate an orgnaization, this goes up in certain level aggravate the competition do not have foreword of stationery industry, be immersed in vicious circle even. Instantly, of home a lot of civilian battalion economy, informal hundred thousands of yuan also can register a company, undertake stationery is produced, and come in order to exceed low standard lift the malign competition of as one falls, shoddy even, with pretend to be true. Have the product such as some of jotter that small business produces treatment, books for keeping accounts, be on sale can go up to sell in order to be inferior to the price of waste paper even, be affected badly and pull tied domestic stationery brand to change run the pace that strides to the international market.
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