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Senior partner autograph makes an appointment with 2010 Asia Games of Guangzhou
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On September 25, guangzhou inferior group appoint make an appointment with a ceremony to be in center of conference of Guangzhou Bai Yun international to be held ceremoniously with the autograph of SamSung electron, samSung electron becomes Guangzhou formally the Asia Game is advanced 2010 partner, provide the assistance of many domains. The thing meets Yaaoli vice-chairman Yu Zaiqing, guangzhou inferior group appoint Piao Genxi of Xu Ruisheng of deputy mayor of city of standing deputy secretary-general, Guangzhou and president of group of SamSung of big China area signed cooperative agreement jointly. This is SamSung electron becomes an Asia Game the 4th times not only senior partner, also be SamSung devotes oneself to what the enterprise develops to drive Chinese sports from beginning to end again important reflect. The thing meets Yaaoli vice-chairman Yu Zaiqing, guangzhou inferior group appoint standing deputy secretary-general (in the graph) , Xu Ruisheng of Guangzhou city deputy mayor (the picture is different) , piao Genxi of president of group of SamSung of big China area (the graph is right) , and media witnessed hour of this one history jointly.

Guangzhou is become to SamSung in making luck be born in the speech Asia Game senior partner expressed to welcome and be congratulated 2010. He says, samSung in sports the impress that flame kept on assistance history, it is the successful example of sports sale. SamSung is right athletic sports especially the development of Asia Game, Olympic Games and promotion made indefatigable effort and outstanding contribution, also make SamSung rapid thereby from mainland of a Korea business development is internationally transnational corporation, make the famous brand that is famous in the world.

Xu Ruisheng says, do good Asia Game, support and participate in what cannot leave whole society. He invites sincerely Guangzhou of focusing of more global business, seize opportunity, join in inferior carry collaboration battle array, support with a variety of means such as technology, service and participate in Guangzhou inferior fortune career, make contribution to hold a the the most outstanding, most wonderful Asia Game.

The autograph makes an appointment with ceremonially, piao Genxi of president of group of SamSung of big China area expresses: "The Asia Game is an Asia, and even the sports grand meeting that the whole world has main effect. Beijing just holds a most successful Olympic Games, as Beijing the Olympic Games was mixed 2008 incomplete abstruse meeting is wireless partner of whole world of communication equipment sphere, samSung comes true for Beijing ' two Olympic Gameses are likewise wonderful ' target and provide main support. SamSung is certain the Asia Game also will become Guangzhou 2010 important grand meeting on Asia Game history. As the Asia Game hold, guangzhou will be attention of whole world place. Regard long-term commitment as the enterprise of the Olympic Games and match of multinomial international sports, samSung hope and Guangzhou inferior group appoint share successful experience, main assistance inferior group appoint, carry can contribute good to do Benciya force. Carry can contribute good to do Benciya force..
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