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Scanner of wide cut of VIDAR SD4400 series receives in glory BERTL4 star half ou
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[Hui Cong manages network of general articles for use] a few days ago, the 4 stars that the scanner of project of VIDARSD4400 series wide cut below Contex banner receives in glory BERTL to issue half outstanding award. This is up to now the global the superlative degree that scanner of wide cut project has the honor to win fastens award. Can have the honor to win BERTL large award, also meant a product to pass extremely strict test and attestation, have superior performance and quality, can bring persistent investment redound for the client.

As global number video reach one of orgnaizations of the research with office equipment the most authoritative sphere and evaluation, BERTL15 year will be product of sound of image of of all kinds number and office equipment to offer objective tripartite to evaluate report and trade off study all the time. The award that BERTL large award also makes these two domains have authority most. To SD4400 series, the evaluation that BERTL gives out is: Have supereminent character and property, have good maneuverability at the same time, can satisfy the requirement of great majority scanning of the user.

As we have learned, scanner of project of SD4400 series wide cut is made for machinery only, the application such as design of outfit of kimono of article of engineering design, archives, graph, building is rolled out. SD4400 series uses mature CIS scanning technology, in Contex the assurance of advanced design and workmanship falls, its use gender, resolution, data speed, easily to transmit office of speed, power comsumption, cooperation to wait for crucial index to go up to all have conspicuous show in scanning extent, scanning.

August 2008, contex and China's biggest IT conformity serves provider China number to reach strategic collaboration, 3 products SD4400 series are strong push to Chinese market. Be based on Contex to be in the integral advantage of domain of scanner of global wide cut, VIDARSD4400 has extremely superior gender value to compare, in product quality and function all below the circumstance of excel competitor, product price is low piece 20% more even.