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HP provides the tool that answers earthly environment challenge for the student
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Be collected through real time ground and analyse the data of real world, the student can begin to learn how to investigate the issue with heated whole world carefully, understand the disastrous the earth's surface such as such as seismic sea wave and hurricane and weather phenomenon. HP company rolled out solution of lab of HP shift computation for the lab of junior high school and high school, aim to help a student rise mathematical formula and daily physical phenomenon connection better. This system that provides cost effectiveness extremely combined HP 39gs or calculator of HP 40gs graph, the scientific sensor of Fourier card and probe, pathway of brand-new data of HP Streamsmart 400 swims implement, the calculator demonstrates software and classroom education material.

Below, general manager Mr Wing Cheung of HP calculator branch will share his foresight judicious judgment, how to strengthen the environmental challenge that earthly knowledge faces with place of;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to descendants.

Global climate is heated, pollution, the atrophy of animal and floral habitat, annihilative earthquake, seismic sea wave and tornado: Press head the decline that with broadcast caution our earth is facing large area.

These reports are quite vexed for most to us person, brought for today's youth especially a lot of angst and anxious. Today's youth imagines how these natural phenomena can affect prospective 70-80 very hard the world environment that they will live inside year. Is intellectual lack causing fear -- " a what kind of world is what will we accede? " , "Face these global climate and upper disaster, we whether await one's doom? " older generation can be experienced. Any people that experienced cold war should the nucleus can attend to atttack the fear that the whole body spreads when maneuver and the shelter that be bent over to be below desk by the command or find radiative this world when them since memory.

If our offspring prepares to face climate change, how study reduces a few main weather and the effect that geology changes, they need to understand the nature all round better. Increasingly outspread city changes the first-hand knowledge that has brought about whole generation youth to have any nature hardly. This hard to avoid causes a lot of youths not to know how to be made from ego reducing greenhouse effect gas, or forecast potential disaster, the Asian seismic sea wave that produced in southeast Asia 2004 for example.

Earth Force, a blame gain that is based on Denver to devote oneself to to teach youth environment knowledge organizes such respecting: "The problem is not the lack of environmental information. Have the media news of all-time saturation to environmental story. The problem is the capacity that we judge analytic information without education youth and uses it to make sensible choice. The problem is the capacity that we judge analytic information without education youth and uses it to make sensible choice..
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