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Chinese king science and technology supports Chinese astronautics to meet
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Want to give the blessing divine boat 7 astronaut that go up? Sure! "Exploration universe blesses a god 7 -- I and god 7 person of the same trades " this cherished desire that the activity can satisfy global netizen. And, if your blessing is enough,have " level " , obtain likely still anthology embark at the god on 7 airship, company astronaut spends the brigade of aerospace in all.

On September 25, 2008, the divine boat that attract worldwide attention 7 manned airship enter the space smoothly, "God 7 " the spacefarer will finish the outer space that has historical sense to walk. To pass the whole nation the people's blessing and expect, the happiness that admits international friend at the same time wishs, astronautics of China of support of Chinese king science and technology can be begun " exploration universe blesses a god 7 -- I and god 7 person of the same trades " beatific autograph activity! Mobile organizing committee passes Internet, face a whole world to collect beatific autograph activity, will judge from inside all blessing language piece " optimal originality work " , " the optimal work that make " , " work of optimal person energy of life " a certain number of, select work of partial bear the palm to embark in " god 7 " on airship, accompany a spacefarer to have the stay away from home of aerospace.

Up to now, sponsor already just collected several blessings, among them some comes from a rocket to launch the spaceflight colleague such as team, airship test group, some comes from common countryman, some comes from international friend. Many netizens are poetic inspiration big hair more, endow with the traditional literature form such as couplet to serve pair of gods the 7 enthusiastic blessings with the motherland with poetic word song, be like:

The first line of a couplet on a scroll: Carry raise one's arm of fire of hundred years emperor to laugh at a god 7 fly;

The second line of a couplet: Take for all time day of auspicious Yun Chong sings China song again.

Eaves of amazingly quick flying Apsaras, between errant aerospace. Miraculous Jing world, day of cloud of noble spirit shake. Round my China affection, man Wuzu country wishs. Make trade of a thousand years, result hang down millions upon millions years!

Hundred years Olympic Games, today dream is round; Unapproachable, global exclaim. God 7 ask a day, bright sword of the Milky Way; Stroll the middle of forhead, wayzgoose of the whole nation...

In addition, additionally many enthusiastic netizens are displayed went up oneself achieve the picture of to in an attempt to, music, god that behaves with video form formerly 7 blessings work, showed oneself the real situation and talent adequately.

As we have learned, be in all in these beatific work, sponsor Fang Zhen to single out 2008 blessings work, be accompanying god 7 airship together " flying Apsaras " .

Sponsor square China space navigation to learn to did not reveal the exclusive support company that why chooses Chinese king science and technology to serve as an activity, the reporter understands, "Electric paper book " it is Chinese king science and technology newest a when roll out kind of paper reader, used electronic paper to demonstrate a skill, read the effect to be considered as " be close to paper most read " , without twinkle, without radiation; In the meantime, the SD that the buy inside N510 of book of paper of Chinese king report can expand gets stuck, can store all sorts of data, contented read demand at any time. This product still has extremely low power comsumption, support is read for long, bide one's time time is as long as a month, can turn over a page 7000 times continuously above.
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