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Beautiful confederative Court of Cassation rules Microsoft did not violate paten
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Beijing time on September 26 message, according to foreign media coverage, court of Cassation of American confederative itinerate this Zhousi ruling, microsoft did not encroach Aerkate - bright dispatch (Alcatel-Lucent) MP3 is patent, relevant and patent Microsoft already from other access was gotten over there the manufacturer.

Last year, microsoft of one jury ruling encroached Aerkate - the MP3 of bright dispatch is patent, rule Microsoft must pay the pecuniary loss of 1.54 billion dollar. This one ruling caused the attention of the person that criticize, they are patent to high-tech tycoon the compensation of economy of a huge sum in issue desk feels afraid.

Court of American confederative place overthrew this one ruling of jury August last year.

A spokesman calls Microsoft this Zhou Si's ruling is " commonsensible victory " .

Aerkate - a spokesman is in bright dispatch path of the response in a statement: "This one ruling of Court of Cassation of itinerate of our couplet state is very malcontent, we have all sorts of options that can take to us assessment, decide to act next next. Want conjecture at present we next measure returns premature. Want conjecture at present we next measure returns premature..

Open to question patent is by Aerkate - the lab develops the Bell below bright dispatch banner. But Microsoft claims, it did not violate an among them patent, and other patent is by Bell lab and Fulaoenhuofu institute (Fraunhofer Institute) develop jointly, microsoft before this already the license that from Fulaoenhuofu the institute obtained these patent.