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Material of day power bad news: The Olympic Games although respond to a curtain
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On September 17, 2008, chinese brandish was fastened " Olympic Games time " , proclaimed the comprehensive victory of Beijing Olympic Games. After respond to a curtain call, beijing is of all kinds the sale activity that borrows situation Olympic Games also makes the unboiled water that get wind. What deserve attention relatively among them is firm of the Asia's biggest current cost material, material of Tian Wei bad news, hold " 5 annulus integral gives a gift " activity.

According to Tian Wei relevant controller introduces: We rolled out in the whole nation this year in June " 5 annulus integral gives a gift " activity, echo is very enthusiastic. Inside countrywide limits, every buys pink of beat of Selenium of day power brand, ink box, carbon, reach the consumer that adds beat of beautiful brand Selenium, all can pack from the product inside obtain " 5 annulus blow award to get stuck " a piece, the encode that goes up through card logs onto day power website ( , undertake the user is registered, can acquire corresponding colour link. Should collect neat " 5 colour annulus " hind, can obtain associate notebook computer. Collect neat the user of color or 4 three colour annulus, also can obtain Nuojiya the high-grade gift such as N73 mobile phone, MP4. When registering an user to buy day power product in future, still can obtain integral and exchange gift.

What the little thing such as clip of the meal coupon that gives with place of sales promotion of material of traditional bad news, frost that protect a hand, calling card differs is, this day power hold a memorial ceremony for gives high-grade notebook computer such gift, make really user be envious unceasingly. 6-8 month " 5 annulus activity " get in the Olympic Games the welcome of user of material of bad news of countrywide each district. 8-9 month, of market of lumber of Beijing bad news " 5 annulus " wind has been lifted. After the reporter sells a thorough investigation from ZhongGuanCun electron, the spot titbits of discovery is conspicuous:

Titbits one: Ad firm " smell " acumen

The reporter discovers the multitude that covering is medium, ad firm holds larger proportion. Although because be opposite,the quality that print asks approximately slashing, ad firm is the faithful user of the raw material that hold cost all the time, of Dan Tianwei " 5 annulus activity " still be the ad company that attracted a lot of smell acumen.

Limited company of ad of couplet of Beijing flourishing age wisdom purchases Mr Liang Yongbin to express: "Economic situation is bad now, the company is planning cut office cost now. Price of the raw material that hold cost is too expensive, but although prices of other material of a few compatible bad news are low, but character did not assure. Enter bid of a contest last, there was the goal that reduces cost to try day power ink box when book of the mark that make, doing not have those who think of is not only cost cut down 30% above, the effect that print also not second Yu Yuan is installed. Increase activity of this sales promotion, should choose Tian Wei more of course! Should choose Tian Wei more of course!!
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