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JVC will issue 4 projector function to undertake upgrading to the banner
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JVC company announces recently, they upgrade to function of below the banner 4 projector, preliminary released in November, model is DLA-HD750, DLA-HD350, DLA-RS10 and DLA-RS20 respectively. And 4 products had been exhibited in CEDIA can appear. JVC company announced a few days ago, upgrade will make 4 all model have taller contrast and luminance level.

DLA-HD750 and DLA-RS20 passed THX attestation. Projector of these two families has 30000:1 formerlyContrast and the brightness of 800 lumen, but through upgrading, contrast had achieved 50000:1, reach an industry basically top level, brightness also promotes 900 lumen. The function of these parts promotes the camera lens that basically results from newest development, it can reduce the radial influence that have nothing to do to satisfy the requirement of the user.

The shot with a bit weak performance characteristics of DLA-HD350 and DLA-RS10, because of their contrast not as good as in front two, original contrast is 15000:1. But after upgrading, the contrast of DLA-HD350 achieved 32000:1 now, RS10 also will achieve 30000:1Contrast. In the meantime, adopt the change of internal composition, reduced smooth leak effectively, promoted 1000 lumen brightness from 800 lumen.

In addition, these 4 projector will continue to support completely high-definition (1920 × 1080) resolution, and noise is 19 decibel only. DLA-HD750 and DLA-RS20 predict retail price won't prep above 8000 dollars, the retail price of DLA-HD350 and DLA-RS10 under 6000 dollars.