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Beautiful can taste a news briefing newly Summer 2008 to be held in Shanghai
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On September 23, 2008, beautiful can (China) the fall that limited company runs in center of Shanghai international conference tastes a news briefing newly to go up, the issuance of shock sex 7 numbers that cover sheet of the number below the banner to turn over bearing a group of people of same interest and brand of small-sized number camera are video product, they are respectively: Digital sheet turns over camera EOS 5D Mark II and focus camera lens EF 24mm F/1.4L II USM, series of Bo Xiu PowerShot tastes PowerShot SX10 IS of He Boxiu of PowerShot SX1 IS of Bo Xiu PowerShot G10, Bo Xiu newly, IXUS series tastes Yikesasi newly Yikesasi IXUS 980 IS and Yikesasi IXUS 870 IS. So far, beautiful can be in the number that add up to of second half of the year issued 18 to cover input and output field 2008 is video product, reflected fine can the company leads the technical level with top-ranking manufacturer to the confidence of Chinese market and industry. Beautiful can (China) small limited company president Mr Ze Xiushu, beautiful can many beautiful such as earth of swat of cadre of secondary facilities of cadre of career of consumer goods of company video information Mr Jing Zhengxian can the high level attended this news briefing. Beautiful can giant star of moviedom of product figure spokesman stars into dragon gentleman and God gentleman of Wu Yan ancestor also visits the site, for this second the news briefing is aided blast.

Beautiful can be held to all the time in video number domain for user consider, from the concept that user angle sets out, transcend self ceaselessly, for the number with consecratory and wonderful consumer video product. This beautiful can digital sheet turns over camera familial add Xin Ding again: EOS 5D Mark II of new product of accurate professional full frame carries numerous advanced technique brand-new come on stage. Configuration of full frame tall ISO films with revolutionary high-definition short function, satisfy the requirement of professional cameraman and photography lover adequately. Collect extensive role of scorch of optics of 20 times train in excess specified length, 28mm is prevented at IS shake the PowerShot SX1 IS inside camera lens and PowerShot SX10 IS, no matter film small be apart from or close-up can be competent. Regard beautiful as the flagship product of camera of can small-sized number, the new generation of can own research and development counts beautiful of PowerShot G10 union the word is video processor DIGIC 4, for high end photography crowd brought exquisite image painting to be mixed character more follow one's inclinations film experience. IXUS 980 IS and IXUS 870 IS pass perfect and video quality and the couple that innovation designs, collect is delicate draw qualitative, high speed video processing and brand-new exterior figure at a suit, of the high-quality goods that is sure to become fashionable user to fondle admiringly make.

On the news briefing, beautiful can (China) limited company president is young lustre the gentleman expresses: "Beautiful can enter China 20 years to come, obtained exceedingly good result. Beautiful can carry forward the cause and forge ahead into future, always put the tenet of contented consumer demand in the first place, the broad user that is China brings better product and service, as video as number of Chinese joint creation new era! " beautiful can dye-in-the-wood the earth's surface shows confidence of gentleman of well of earth of swat of cadre of secondary facilities of cadre of career of consumer goods of company video information: "Beautiful can the product covers input and output field, turn over in digital sheet for consumer, the domain such as camera of small-sized number camera, number, printer offerred rich alternative. Beautiful can hope to pass input and the optimal and video solution that output perfect union, make broad consumer sufficient experience what video life brings the number to touch with fun. Make broad consumer sufficient experience what video life brings the number to touch with fun..
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