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Ability of net Kang Ke channel associate congress rang down the curtain satisfac
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On September 19, countrywide online behavior manages the core channel business of the market to assemble in Zhuhai, played by a definite date two days " ability of net Kang Ke channel is companionate 2008 congress " . Bencihui is discussed with " share win-win raise the world " for the theme, it is online behavior inside administrative industry up to now dimensions is the biggest, resonant the most enthusiastic grand meeting. Associate of many 300 channel is represented and mechanic of net Kang Ke makes personnel happily gather under the same roof, discuss online behavior to manage development existing state of affairs of the industry and future jointly, share channel to sell experience, reflected bilateral and good cooperation adequately to concern.

The conference begins, CEO of ability of net Kang Ke Mr Yuan Shengang made splendid speech. The development course that he reviewed online behavior of ability of net Kang Ke to manage a product above all, subsequently the key spoke of how to know current market environment, and the integral environment to comply with the market, how will ability of net Kang Ke adjust development strategy. He expresses: "Look no matter from industrial environment or user demand, online behavior manages the new heat that has made progress of network security trade. As the leader of the market, health science and technology wants the net to precede in respect of concept of product technology, product not only, should lead market of government of whole online act development of Xiang Jiankang, benign direction more, this is the responsibility that regards a leader as the manufacturer and challenge, also be the target of ability of net Kang Ke. "

In the meeting, vice-president of health science and technology Mr Zun Yingnan published the net " share win-win raise the world " the theme makes a speech, shared the supportive policy with companionate to channel ability of net Kang Ke, the channel that travels together to harships is companionate people expressed cordial acknowledgment. In the meantime, he again the height from the strategy, the importance that emphasized ability of net Kang Ke choosing to do online behavior to manage and the net health product of online action management is done big, do strong sturdy confidence. He expresses: "Ability of net Kang Ke and channel associate hold the Cheng of industrial opportunity, 4 single-page calendar that enters win-win in all jointly, the channel system that proved ability of net Kang Ke adequately is one of channel systems with Chinese IT the most preeminent group. In double win mutual beneficial foundation to go up, health science and technology returns the net to spend satisfaction of ceaseless promotion channel, build appreciation, normative channel system, continue to give a partner in the respect such as system of research and development of market strategy, technology, service all-around prop up. "

Regard this channel as another grand opera of congress, the new thinking that strong gentleman of the Song Dynasty of chief inspector of product of ability of net Kang Ke put forward Internet to control government -- " understand thoroughly a canal to accuse to control " , released the net that is based on this concept health ICG5.1 product. Brand-new ICG5.1 passes isogon of user monitoring, behavior monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, moving monitoring, attack monitoring to spend first, help user " understand thoroughly " the problem that this enterprise exists in Internet use process and hidden trouble; Repass webpage filters, analysis of audit of applied control, content, bandwidth management, behavior all-around the canal accuses measure, systematically " the canal accuses " the online behavior of in-house user, pass the many administration point of view such as user management, strategy management, equipment management, network management, log management to help an user then " control " Internet, work efficiency of final implementation promotion, optimize bandwidth to use, strengthen the information safety, online behavior that reduces investment of IT of hazard of law of safe menace, avoid, protection to manage value.
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