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Solid amount to peripheral president: Hind outstanding achievement of sprint of
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Solid the core business fact that amounts to a group amounts to peripheral president Zang Jiashun to expressed a few days ago, the company has outstanding achievement of sprint of times of the Olympic Games after confidence is capable also to be in new tall.

This year first half of the year, solid the sales volume of the product of thin client computer in amounting to terminal product line is compared the corresponding period grew 62% last year, the total sales volume of printer product line relatively the corresponding period grew 16% last year. Solid amount to peripheral to multiply situation and on, capture company capital and market environment closely the chance of progressively up-and-up, in the light of the market of below one phase the sale works, undertook prewar general mobilization, released " general attack makes " -- sprint is new tall, an operation of a rally to pledge resolution before going to war that transfers the whole nation is in each are big countrywide area is rolled out quickly.

It is reported, solid amount to peripheral the external environment first half of the year is not hopeful, of the doubt of the influence of the parent company, outside and resource in short supply, give solid amount to peripheral it is a lot of and difficult to lived to be caused with development. But even if is such, solid it is heavy and difficult to amount to peripheral to still be overcome, obtained delectable result, its terminal product wins the bid early or late Guangdong postal, Jiangsu Construction Bank of Agriculture Bank of postal, Jiangxi, Henan, the needle is hit product and photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, also had revolutionary progress. Solid amount to Liu Jianlin of peripheral market chief inspector to express, act this to a rally to pledge resolution before going to war of the branch from headquarters, want to allow faculty recognize condition namely, transfer pressure, strengthen confidence, seize opportunity, sprint is new tall. Go up again to make the production of the company is managed new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, resource of inside and outside of enterprise of company general conformity, had done with all one's strength strengthen the market to sell capacity, deepen a sale commercialize degree, drive countrywide large trade is large purpose to begin wait for tripartite face to work.

Solid amount to a group to already submitted answer card application to bourse, change in also be being advanced smoothly. Zang Jiashun expresses, this will change greatly solid the capital that amounts to peripheral and market environment, conduce to company outstanding achievement promote steadily.