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199 yuan of special offer will initiate sales promotion of Microsoft Office Nati
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Microsoft held a press conference recently, announce the National Day sales promotion that will launch Office2007 family edition and student edition inside countrywide limits since September 22, the price is 199 yuan. Fu Jia of general manager of department of strategy of market of region of Microsoft big China thinks of express: "Hope more Chinese can use original software. "Hope more Chinese can use original software..

This sales promotion adopts Microsoft in a limited time set limit to buys way, retail channel includes to connect state software, Su Ning, outstanding Yamaxun, should become Le Fuyu of net, home 100 think of sell. The website is retail will deliver goods early or late by order, and sell field criterion to inspect placard message to be accurate.

Rose on July 1 this year, microsoft adjusts Microsoft Office family and student edition the proposal of the 2007 retail complete products that pack in Chinese market retail prices, fall from 1451 yuan before reach 699 yuan, fall more than 50% . And the price in activity of this National Day sales promotion is chopped again 7 into, those who achieve 199 yuan is new low. This price has been been opposite under domestic user the psychological price level of original software, anticipate can lift an Office authorised edition to popularize tide.

Microsoft Office family and student edition 2007 use for individual consumer only " blame commerce user " accredit, supply through retail channel only, this version component includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint software and OneNote.