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Good can be blocked hard low confuse economic situation sale to anticipate reduc
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Media message says recently, japanese beautiful can the company gets global economy low confuse an impact, profit margin may drop 2008 12% , accordingly, beautiful can undertake global strategy is adjusted, regarding one of global strategy centre of gravity as China.

At this point, beautiful can (China) Xu Qian of manager of department of limited company public relations to " times of an ancient name for China " the reporter expresses, after be checked to Japanese high level, decide and did not undertake global strategy is adjusted, "Integral development strategy did not produce change " .

She also emphasizes, chinese area is the market that beautiful can value very, had not achieved the status like American market nevertheless. Current, beautiful can close in Chinese battalion occupy total battalion to close about 3% , euramerican and aggregate about 60% .

Sale drops compared to the same period 1.9%

According to reporter understanding, cause beautiful can the strategy adjusts guessed fountainhead to come from Japan " produce classics news " , report according to its, suffer the effect of American banking crisis, beautiful can company mix became low profit anticipated 2008, profit glides nearly 12% .

Introduction Xu Qian says, in fact, beautiful can the company had not made such forecasting, "Global situation is grimmer, beautiful also can be being done adjust, but do not have strategic level " . Global situation will give beautiful to be able to bring what kind of influence, she rejects to publish a comment.

Beautiful can announce profit is reduced the earliest is to be in money newspaper is medium first quarter, money newspaper says, because global economy growth puts delay, yen to appreciate,affect, ended several years to come the situation that sale and profit grow continuously. First quarter, digital camera sale glides compared to the same period 1.6% , operation profit glides compared to the same period 24.5% , adjust sale target from 4.72 trillion yen to 4.57 trillion yen, net profit is adjusted from 520 billion yen to 500 billion yen.

And beautiful can newspaper of money of the 2nd quarter is made again adjust, raise sale target by 4.57 trillion yen to 4.59 trillion yen, small gain 20 billion yen. Relative to the 4.72 trillion yen that Yu Yuan decides, next defeat 130 billion yen. In addition, secondly quarterly whole sale 1.105 trillion yen, dropped last year compared to the same period 1.9% .

Beautiful can predict in newspaper of 2 quarters money, "Environment of battalion of already of look forward to will be more austere " . In the meantime, although the office of beautiful Europe sets equipment market demand to put delay, beautiful can be hopeful predict, one will be entered to anabiosis before the end of the year this year level. In the meantime, beautiful can China of have sth in mind, Russia inside rising Asian market. 2 quarters, the Asia-Pacific region increase rate that includes China inside is as high as 6.4% .
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