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How do we win Olympic -- love general lays a group
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Data shows, the market development performance of Beijing Olympic Games is satisfactory -- the TOP sponsor of 12 international Olympic committee, each denounce endowment 100 million dollar, obtained use Olympic Games the access that 5 annulus indicate; And BOCOG, also from inside about 50 enterprises, the commitment fee that obtained amount to be as high as 1 billion dollar...

Capital of record-breaking a huge sum is devoted, accomplished the performance miracle that market of Beijing Olympic Games develops. And meanwhile, by the tall redound appetite that high investment stimulates, the market that lets spread out around Olympic Games grand occasion competes, become a sponsor people the crucial battle that must win!

   Wonderful sale, get an advantage

About Olympic Games sale, market economy expert was summed up famous " 3 times effect " -- in usually, the enterprise throws funds of sale of 100 million dollar, its trademark is well-known degree will promote 1% ; And sponsor the Olympic Games with same investment, its effect will 3 times at former.

Be in " 3 times effect " below drive, regard sports of step of global summit summit as grand occasion, olympic Games all through the ages is the optimal arena that preeminent company develops sale skill. Now year, in the 29th Olympic Games that Beijing holds this year, criterion ground of follow a rational line to do some work well became Chinese sponsor people, face global market put to good use of wonderful sale skill " aureate hall " .

In IT industry, the like a raging fire of activity of Olympic Games sale that associate -- from torch of elaborate design Olympic Games, to the choose of hand of Olympic Games torch that sweeps across the whole nation, fix eyes upon whole world of fire of Olympic Games emperor to deliver to millions of people again... the light that borrows emperor of ablaze Olympic Games fire, associated to the whole world to reveal the valiant heroic bearing of Chinese IT brand. In energy industry, company of national electrified wire netting initiated sexual ground to put forward " responsibility of Olympic Games society " concept, high-key released " 2007 social liability of company of national electrified wire netting report " , become our country the first central enterprise that issues report of enterprise society responsibility, with one action causes intense society echo...

In fact, before open of big screen of 08 Olympic Gameses, many Chinese businesses that sell an activity with developing Olympic Games camp actively had benefited a lot -- borrow an Olympic Games " east wind " , lab of alive bound brand (World Brand Lab) not long ago releases 2008 (the 5th) " China 500 provide value brand pop chart most " on, company of electrified wire netting of such as country, associate, the brand value of the enterprise such as Yi Li all promotes considerably, the brand value of net of its China home appliance, exceed one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan even! Such OK saying, support the Chinese industry of the Olympic Games with big boldness, not only well confirm " 3 times effect " effectiveness, more banner advantage was gained in the commercial competition below condition of globalization competition words, took a key " game ball " !
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