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Book of paper of Chinese king report embarks " god 7 " swim in all aerospace
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Late on September 25, 2008 21 when make, 7 manned airship are in the divine boat that attract worldwide attention emissive center of wine spring satellite blasts off successfully enter the space; Meanwhile, be fully loaded with whole world people to the god 7 happiness bless super- light read equipment Chinese king " electric paper book " , also be accompanying " god 7 " airship carries God, company spirit 3 7 spaceflight heroes that go up spend the brigade of aerospace of these 3 days of blazing in all.

Rose in August 2008, astronautics of China of support of Chinese king science and technology can be begun " illume cosmic god sending word 7 -- I and god 7 person of the same trades " beatific autograph activity, mobile organizing committee passes Internet, face a whole world to collect beatific autograph activity, judge from inside blessing work entirely piece " optimal originality work " , " the optimal work that make " , " work of optimal person energy of life " a certain number of, choose 2008 outstanding work in all. These beatific work have a character already beatific language, also have a variety of forms such as the picture of scale, music that achieves formerly, they need to stock a kind to be able to realize a character to read in aerospace, the picture shows, the portable apparatus that music broadcasts, embark at " god 7 " airship, accompany the force of whole journey aerospace of the spacefarer.

Divine boat the brigade of the aerospace on 7 airship, it is the severe exacting test to function of electronic equipment product and character undoubtedly. The extreme in aerospace applies an environment, body vacuum, agravic now, difference in temperature is great a lot of respect such as radiate of ray of He Jiangyu time; And airship regards very accurate spaceflight as equipment, having very firm demand to the weight of content carrying inside cabin, the electronic equipment that carries inside not concessional cabin absolutely again arises any electronic radiate interference, also won't have product of electron of supply of energy of have more than needed.

After many the choice, chinese space navigation learns final make choice of Chinese king " electric paper book " the product bears the weight of as ideal blessing equipment. Electric paper book is Chinese king science and technology newest a when roll out kind of paper reader, used electronic paper to demonstrate a skill, read the effect to be considered as " be close to paper most read " . Electric paper book " learned " , can load thousands of " historical novel of the Three Kingdoms " , be equivalent to a library to the capacity of book data, at the same time however bulk is cabinet, very light, can read on implementation palm, still have a picture to show broadcast a function with music, can satisfy spacecraft to ask to carrying the weight of content, convenient also astronaut is read at any time; Electric paper The Book of History crosses special environmental protection to design, without twinkle, without radiation, averted the likely electronic interference to spacecraft thereby; Electric paper book has extremely low power comsumption, support is read for long, bide one's time time is as long as a month, can turn over a page 7000 times continuously above, during aerospace travels, essential need not additional energy support; And, be based on the indefatigable effort that Chinese king science and technology innovates to own research and development and technology for years, the system of technical research and development that electric paper book is having level of Chinese king spaceflight and character serve as safeguard, be able to become finally bear the weight of the best product that happiness of whole world people blesses.
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