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Market of scanning of wide cut of skill of VIDAR god code shuffles shortly
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This the wolf came really! In August 2008, precede in the whole world of domain of scanner of old width of cloth brand VIDAR and China's biggest integrated IT serves provider China number to reach collaboration to concern, the scanner of wide cut project that is based on 3 CIS technology is strong push to Chinese market.

Strong strong together, the advantage is complementary

Refer cooperates this, china number business uses business group self-confidence of Jin of Liu of form product manager is full, "The channel of the technology of VIDAR and brand advantage and China number serves an advantage to will form massive resultant force, we have confidence to bring high quality project scanning solution for Chinese user. We have confidence to bring high quality project scanning solution for Chinese user..

VIDAR is Contex company's subordinate brand. The Contex company that established 1923 is depended on of nearly hundred years accumulate, in the whole world domain of scanning of old width of cloth has absolutely advantage, the market of its whole world is had rate more than 85% . 3 products that roll out this with China number collaboration fasten series of VIDAR SD 4400. This series product faces machinery to make, the applied domain such as design of outfit of kimono of article of engineering design, archives, graph, building. Although be based on mature CIS scanning technology likewise, but under the assurance in Contex advanced design and workmanship, these 3 products and congener contest taste photograph comparing, the key waits in scanning extent, resolution, scanning and sex of transmission speed, operation, specific power consumption clear advantage is had on index. Not long ago, SD4400 series has the honor to win global authority to evaluate lab BERTL4 star half -- " outstanding " class special honour -- up to now the highest honor of confluence of product of scanner of global wide cut, be the optimal affirmation to SD4400 product quality.

And in Chinese market more than 10 years cultivated, china number also accumulated powerful channel dominant position and substantial client natural resources. Current, the client of China number has pervaded finance, government, telegraphic, common cause and company territory, channel amount is close more than 10000, national network is extended to 19 platform, agency distributings at 30 many 2, 3 class city. "The channel network of number of China of have the aid of, VIDAR can reach terminal user directly; In addition, the cause client of VIDAR group the client that has with China number group also have very tall registration, reduced the cost that VIDAR scanner market extends greatly thereby. " Liu Jin says.

Not only such, to promote the promotion of VIDAR SD4400 series in Chinese market, china number built whole service system technically still for its compose. According to introducing, china number established group of special solution of scanner of VIDAR wide cut not only, still be in at the same time more than 10 cities of countrywide accredited an engineer, inside a year of time that buys machine hind in the user, china number can be offerred come freely to guarantee service; Meanwhile, china number still opened technical 400 advisory hot lines for VIDAR.
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