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Service exceeding actor loves general to give birth to special railway line of 4
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On September 23, harvest great achievements fall season, the famous mechanism that print makes trade what Aipusheng announced big client serves 400-810-9976 of special railway line is enlightened. Of this hot line start, assured Aipusheng from carry out before, in the process after carry out arriving in carry out, offer for the user one-stop convenient service, also offerred to purchase channel newly for big client.

   "Urgent user place is urgent, contented user place needs "

The society is an efficiency nowadays for first society, everybody improves work efficiency in ground of leave no stone unturned. Compare with common consumable, the high-tech attribute of IT product lets this kind purchased behavior to have certain threshold. So, a lot of users are in product of choose and buy when, always have such bewilderment: How can you select a product that fits oneself most inside the shortest time? And, be in same an enterprise is medium, different branch is having the diverse demand that print, do not know the person of printer character of service, that machine suits very hard make a decision most the need of departmental door. What compete as the society is more and more intense, each companies father to pass cost, the requirement grabs from the basis that purchase, achieve most " be economical " . "Fixed assets invests " in every unit it is a kind of very careful choice, printer serves as durable article, the user values the stability of its itself most, because once appear breakdown, the user is about to bear the many opportunity cost such as time, money.

Below this kind of circumstance, be allow salesperson order about let them make a decision for oneself? Still be allow advertisement, random selection? Apparent, this is unwise. Accordingly, to resolve the worry of the user, aipusheng rolls out phone of 400 phones big client to serve recently, offer professional solution for the user by professional, with the most professional knowledge, of the ease that is an user buy offer comprehensive solution, for the user managing cost, improve efficiency.

   "Advisory type serves "

Face the 400 hot lines of industry big client, offer for the client " advisory type " service. That is to say, this kind of service not be confined to is common the hot line is pure the level that solves a problem, fall in the analysis, premise that studies client demand however, offer the solution of a complete set of for the user. The service that this jumped out to set out from machine itself sets pattern, the service the level promotes a higher level. Take give an example of medical treatment system, registration place, consulting room still has collect fees place need printer, but respective functional requirement is endless however and identical. Below this kind of circumstance, the engineer of line of heat build-up love general is in bar operation to have environment of speed demand, consulting room according to registration need is quiet and opposite Xiaohe of the quantity that print collects fees the respective character with high demand of stability of pairs of the place amount that print is large machines, recommend the printer that fits the requirement that print respectively, one pace reachs the designated position, eliminate trouble back at home for the user.
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