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The view that loves general to give birth to ME lets everybody dare be hit dare
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"Pilfer edition " ink box undercurrent emerges move, refract the die young of ink jet cost

Believe such setting everybody won't unfamiliar, in ZhongGuanCun not little IT sells, supply knowledge repeatedly already hall and of emperor the marked position of occupational field, here Aipusheng, HP, beautiful can wait for all sorts of each old brand, type replace ink everything needed is ready, some still can offer complete couplet to offer a solution even, from sell come out, always a handful person is being lifted " ink box reclaims " card, the former outfit ink box with spent pedestrian traffic of illegally buy up. In the distance that is less than 50 meters, the zoology catenary of ink box of edition of a pilfer is seen dimly. And look from another angle, demand has the market, what the reflection of one clique prosperity of market of sham ink box comes out is the price of material of commonly used bad news such as ink box exorbitant this one grim reality.

What handle official bussiness as informatization in fact is increasingly thorough, people had paid close attention to print cost very, the user need not print quality overly quite, also for the moment pays attention to performance data no longer, even functional amount can be cast aside, cost needs first consideration and give alone only special attention. Actually this truth very communicate like the mobile phone, believe very few today person still compares mobile, UniCom business of two big operation whose signal is better, more it is according to oneself use habit chooses most economic formula serves, the ink box that tastes as easy bad news is likewise such. In very long period of time, restraining the pace with ink jet ongoing printer from beginning to end in the price of bad news material of exalted concussion, cannot shake the brunt position that laser machine is in the office, vertical brilliant unmanned however appreciate, cannot change the destiny that reduces a reserve.

Challenger: Love general lays ME series

Loved what general lays ME1 series to roll out 2005, can be being inspected is a watershed in the travel before market of ink jet printer, not only the beginning that first low cost prints, more the challenger that regards office as the market lets laser machine feel unprecedented competitive pressure. The key of market of ME1 series get victory depends on bad news material change, this product raises quality goods sheet case of black Chinese ink to fall to be 45 yuan only first. Advocate by its " can afford use case " the new pattern that the concept initiated domestic user to print consumption, deep popular, because this ME series travels quickly to come, of its cut into a mountain make ME1 since tide is like reputably since coming out, continuously sell like hot cakes. After this, upgrade edition ME2 continued not only the market course of cost of material of ME series low cost, put forward again new " managing path " , design fission ink box this one in the special honour that high-end product just has is migratory to ME2 series, accomplish gone where color to change which kinds, assure ink make the best use of everything, continue to have low cost after all.
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