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"IKON " material of the bad news that print is entered give a new scope of opera
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Last year in November, 2007 Asias print exhibition of bad news material to exhibit a center to hold in Shanghai. Limited company of equipment of office of 100 things heart is in Zhejiang on exhibition dash forward show driving actual strength, this company produces " IKON " (Yin Long) material of the card bad news that print covers copycat, printer, electrograph thousands of kinds of model of 3 old series, a lot of travelling merchant say, come to IKON exhibit, resemble print the big supermarket of bad news material, want only, can buy neat all goods that they need. In by a definite date 3 days be on sale in the meeting, many global client and 100 things heart reached cooperative intent, a few clients still signed value on the spot tens of 10 thousand yuan contracts.

Limited company of equipment of office of 100 things heart is located in Zhejiang developing zone of De Qing economy, it is a Singapore solely invested enterprise. 2004, 100 things heart does Zhejiang public equipment limited company (China) CEO and chief of a tribe of couplet of A of Azam Office Supplies LLC() the president meets and reach consensus: The product value that current former furnish has manufacturer is offerred is general too tall, they think consistently to should create the product of cheap of price of more qualitative actor, because this decides to spread out global collaboration, their old research achievement mixes conformity resource, increase the experience that they accumulate in office equipment sphere, founded 2005 a brand of new material of the bad news that print " IKON " .

Zhejiang the product of 100 things heart is given priority to toward Euramerican market with selling all the time, after IKON brand founds, last year first half of the year, this company is beginning market of southeast Asia of hand open up, this year March, IKON entered home market. A brand-new brand, want to let the market accept inside short time be not easy thing, company CEO Mo Wenxian expresses, what they rely on is excellent product quality and substantial price. He says, company quality controls each members in the branch to pass 2 months at least groom, before deliver goods, each product must pass comprehensive examination and a series of strict heat-resisting tests, compatible test, they exceeded former outfit product even to the requirement of product quality, in Euramerican market, the product of IKON avoids check. And price respect, IKON also has his advantage, like a the most commonly used model (selenium rouses HP printer) 2612, its market price is 460 yuan control, and of IKON sell the price to be in 300 yuan continuously the following.

Zhejiang although 100 things heart has only weak point development of 3 years grows period, but below the circumstance that restricts in current and a lot of element, the company insists to extend two markets of international home, promote research and development and sale two grasper energetically, realized a product to demand exceeds supply, sale breaks up time favorable situation. It is reported, company the sale last year is many yuan 2000, predict to will achieve many yuan 5000 this year, outstanding outstanding achievement, make the company obtained the medium and small businesses that issues by prefectural government to expand award last year.
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