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Machine of colour gush an organic whole installs graphic Aipusheng to be offerre
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[Hui Cong manages network of general articles for use] Chromatic ink jet is muti_function machine of an organic whole regards a kind of one machine as multi-purpose product, do the welcome of fair user by the diminutive of broad family user, but, as low estimated for the user of small-sized user and low cost that print, change his costume or dress to use a of machine of an organic whole character that gnaws hard for was being become however repeatedly. After all machine of an organic whole because the structure is complex, past contact is accessary on crust the part that a few cannot be revise scanning unit at will for instance, make a few type encountered such and such difficulty when changing his costume or dress to be offerred repeatedly. The RX590 that my maintenance dot delivered as it happens an Aipusheng should change his costume or dress to be offerred repeatedly, I demonstrate the measure that this machine changes my costume or dress to be offerred repeatedly for everybody.

The RX of EPSON, 590(pursues 1, the printer of 6 kinds of an organic whole that graph 2) is an organic whole of duplicate of a scanning that print, this printer besides the professional class scanner that contains high accuracy, still deployed prepositive to read card implement with U dish socket, basic and OK compatible any outside buy storage equipment undertakes printing, so this printer can say the first selection product that is all sorts of shadow buildings and ad firm. Everybody sees the surface of this product first.

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