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Ace promotes the technology of ink jet of 3 old brands that print explains
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History of ink jet technology reviews

1976, printer of the first ink jet is born at IBM, up to now, ink jet printer has taken the development history that passed 32 years, during, the technology that print experienced ink jet countless times to change, in also a lot of companies participate in his, for instance Xi Menzi rolled out Seimens Pt-80 of the first ink jet printer that has commercial value 1978. However up to now, left HP, fine only can, love general gives birth to 3 old brands, in on market of ink jet printer 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces, offer the comprehensive solution that print for whole market jointly.

Today, we come one case check at present HP, beautiful can, the ink jet that loves general to give birth to 3 old brands prints a technology, before, we know the history that ink jet printer develops together first.

"Science and technology is productivity " , on the development that this word uses in printer of appearance ink jet more apt. Although IBM rolled out printer of the first ink jet, and the ink jet printer that Xi Menzi rolled out the first to have commercial value, but inchoate ink jet technology is very immature, produce cost not only tall, and defect rate is higher, still defect of a few other is overcome hard. In a year subsequently, namely 1979, japanese beautiful can the company rolled out technology of ink jet of type of Bubble Jet bleb, use heat generation bleb goes out Mo Di eject, this one technology reduced cost above all, be this one technology gain ground laid very good foundation. Technology of steam bubble ink jet gets very quickly popularizing, subsequently HP company also rolled out technology of his hot ink jet, but patent of this one technology can have been applied for first by beautiful, be in however market respect, HP is holding larger dominant position on sales volume.

Will see Aipusheng's progress again, although Xi Menzi most put forward first small press report to print, but the success of hot ink jet ased if to irrigate a cold water to its, but be forced low sells this one technology, include to fly to the company such as benefit riverside, brother to once had this one technology, but the block up that goes up as a result of technical research and development, these companies are helpless abandoned. During, aipusheng also once with beautiful can company bargaining uses technology of hot ink jet, but beautiful can put forward cooperative condition to look too slashing in Aipusheng, the Aipusheng that abandons collaboration can continue only research and development is tiny suppress report, looking at that time is the job that finishs impossibly place before Aipusheng, the company that relies on technical innovation to retain competition ability to nevertheless, difficulty of technology of the small ink jet that suppress report is returned finally is by Aipusheng breach, 1993, new machine Stylus 800 of Aipusheng appears on the market, mix quickly to HP beautiful can concussion of huge of generation of printer of hot ink jet, will small the dominant position that controls report to go up in control of Chinese ink drop is developed the biggest.
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