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The netizen has ability to use ink box of HP of mouth foster cordial relations b
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Forum news: The netizen uses the mouth ink box of HP of foster cordial relations between countries

Busied two days, eventually the HP me 816 experiences ink box did well. Since 7 years redemptive January 6 machine of this HP an organic whole, make a few material to the daughter namely at ordinary times, 816 experiences ink box also used the HP that so one each takes one year near. The former outfit ink box that feels HP is good, even if you are joining 3 two months need not, its shower nozzle also won't jam. After Chinese ink is gone, I went market of science and technology asked, one installs 816 ink box to want 150 silver dollar formerly, dizzy. I was forced to buy an ink to come back oneself are added, spent 20 yuan only, hey. Come back to get off from printer ink box, find the opening that add Chinese ink, add. Because do not have experience, add at a draught for the first time much, flowed from below, I use napkin shower nozzle the Chinese ink above is brushed, brush very neatly, bad thing is bad be being brushed too neatly, the result is printer of ink box mount tries machine hind, discovery can make a few words only, the can show a word only fluctuation both sides behind, again in the future is dot of a few Chinese ink only, connecting dozen, to flat later Lian Mo the dot also did not go out. Put a few hours to be in dozen, can make a few words again, bicephalous word, Chinese ink is nodded, blank. Because be him first time,add Chinese ink, because of,be He Yuan not merely. If say shower nozzle was blocked up, why to put period of time to you still can make a few words? If was not blocked up, after a few words giving to after a few words giving, go out? Indissoluble, depressed, think in undertaking...

Early in the morning got up yesterday, be determined to settle this matter, get online first examine a data, seek a means of settlement. The method that find: 1. Hot water bubble 2. Alcohol bubble 3. Special clear lotion is cleaned 4. Ultrasonic is cleaned 5. Decipher HP installs ink box to impose the restriction of Chinese ink frequency formerly, frequency to clear 6. Decide attaint of ink box shower nozzle discards as useless. Dig hole buried it buy anew.

Use hot water bubble first, bubble try ten minutes machine, symptom as before; Software cleans shower nozzle 3 times to try machine, symptom as before; Reoccupy heats up bleb, try machine, symptom as before; Reoccupy software cleans shower nozzle 3 times to try machine, symptom as before; Try with alcohol bubble machine, symptom as before; Software cleans shower nozzle 5 times to try machine, symptom as before day, should run really market of science and technology (very far from my home) , is beautiful Qian Xiu bought even new? ? ? Put down first, will say again tomorrow.

Had eaten breakfast to start work immediately today, maintenance plans to had been made. Since clean,be illogical, a kind of method that then I invent with oneself is repaired, alarming bad had bought anew. What method hey, develop shower nozzle with high-pressured air, the high-pressured air that where comes to, be blown with the mouth, get off ink box uses the mouth to the aperture that add Chinese ink I blow me to blow my exert oneself to do sth, prepared Chinese ink was blown from shower nozzle, continue to blow, blow so that breathe out till ache till cheek, can suck Chinese ink from nozzle part eventually with high-grade napkin (ten million cannot be brushed) , the know how things stand and feel confident of handling them in the heart. On machine try, sai, like be just like new ink box, I have ability too, of the test paper that makes and former outfit same, those subtle young black nod expression to get incisively and vividly. Made a big text, good, hit a piece again, very good. I am very happy, I have ability too!
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