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Cut off the power protection! Projector of correct look upon defends an issue
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Close period of time, to load of on the market several projector cut off the power protective function, namely: Power source of the snap when projector is being used normally, the fan of projector interior still can continue to work for some time, undertake coming loose heating up to airframe interior, this removes book to be opposite the protective action of projector bulb, it is first-rate a function. A lot of users are in after understanding this function very approbate, also be look lock surely in succession when the project is purchased over this kind of product.

Talk by the heart, cut off the power protect this function to devise an idea, be first-rate really, use environmental change and effective demand actually what considered a client. But we are analysed carefully, what kind of result can you be? We understand deep below.

Cut off the power the way that protects implementation

Cut off the power the core component of protector is to electroanalysis capacitance, well-known according to current labor report capacity and level, should be in projector sets labor report part in a such narrow spaces, did not compare electroanalysis electric capacity is righter. (Actually, old since, in fill discharge technology to go up to also be had bigger breakthrough and raise) . Capacitance puts a few electric energy in the harbour when projector is used normally, outer ministry cuts off the power suddenly power supply has to umbriferous fan below the circumstance, heat up protective action with after implementation cuts off the power, coming loose.

Cut off the power the secret worry that protects core component

The stability of capacitance and safety are in contain cut off the power appear in umbriferous equipment of protection highlight particularly, to electronic parts somewhat notional person has heard capacitance explodes the thing of the oar! The capacity size of capacitance and bulk have particular concern (here talks about bulk) only, look generous needs larger volume, if reduce volume, so compression, be able to bear or endure lukewarm ability can drop, the electric capacity with so larger volume will be better. Additional, very important is to electroanalysis of capacitance deposit time problem, if what use capacitance deposits time longer, the function of capacitance can produce change, if projector is medium,those who use is this kind of capacitance, so, say impolitely, capacitance can explode sooner or later of the oar. Remove one condition for, outside switch power source is unusual, cause output voltage to rise, exceed capacitance compression, also can bring about electrolyte temperature to rise, generation explodes oar (in parcel area, power source voltage has a problem, the user fears projector cuts off the power suddenly attaint, cut off the power actually the electric capacity that protection uses also is afraid of the voltage) that goes up to fall suddenly suddenly. Quality compares good capacitance, if the job leaves for a long time in high temperature condition, also can explode because of the rated temperature range that exceeded electric capacity oar. Capacitance explodes the result of the oar is the discharge outside electrolyte, electrolyte is by rare vitriolic those who wait for a liquid to form is mordant, once explode fluid of oar, leakage, projector advocate board certain damage, projector interior produces the effect of what kind, do not need my dilatancy.
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