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Notebook computer cleanness maintains small doohickey
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[Hui Cong manages network of general articles for use] As at present the most popular business affairs shift handles official bussiness equipment, jotter has been accepted by more and more person place. Enjoying convenient office environment while, the maintenance that knows jotter also becomes more important. Safeguard jotter, let jotter keep clean, this can prolong its service life not only, still can improve performance, and if jotter component is done not have,undertake cleanness regularly, the possibility of systematic occurrence breakdown can increase greatly.

The working environment temperature of jotter is commonly it is to be in centigrade 5 degrees reach 35 degrees between, the relative humidity that the environment works in the meantime should is 30% to 80% . But jotter is not table machine after all, the random sex that the mobile sex of jotter lets its work environment change and abrupt sex increase abruptly, if be outdoor,undertake operating to jotter, so what suffer climate invade the meeting is more outstanding. Be over in the job outdoor when jotter hind, must let it restore room temperature first, reopen machine is used later, can allow screen not only so the other part on battery of liquid crystal board, lithium and jotter is in good working position, and still can prolong service life.

In the process of use jotter, want to prevent any liquids to enter jotter interior, do not enter clavier especially. The lower part of jotter clavier is the crucial core of jotter and component, if have a bit inadvertent, enter the liquid clavier, very possible meeting brings about component burn down. So if really similar case happens, must eye disease is swift-handed, unplug power source, undertake cutting off the power handling, put jotter in ventilated place 12 hours later above. A few people evaporate to invite liquid body rate is some rapidder, undertake fast processing with blower, cannot let a liquid get very good diverge not only so, play the liquid more likely other position, the rubber mat that at the same time sirocco can bolt clavier the cap falls each is blown soft, influence clavier uses easy to wait moderately completely dry hind, ability is used.

Nurturance of will fixed clean jotter a kind of good convention is very necessary, but must close first when clean jotter machine, but at this moment still can a few electric current carry notebook, because this wants to cut off jotter power source completely, unplug the power source on the electrical outlet on next walls, reticle or line, and take a battery, use next without nap wet cloth is wiped gently. To what often use the component should emphasize cleanness more, the mouse is felt board when because the surface has,bilge cannot be answered correctly, usable a softness is small wet cotton cloth wipes its surface gently, next dry soft cloth wipes reoccupy. When clean clavier, answer to use the soft mouth with vacuum the smallest mount first, inhale the dust between key and key clean, next reoccupy soft cloth wipes key cap. Can prevent key-press to the fixed cleanness of clavier by adhesion live with card, still can let clavier knock get at the same time more comfortable with quick.
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