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Dish bird classroom: How to solve printer to lack paper breakdown phonily
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[Hui Cong manages network of general articles for use] When if carrying out the test that print or documentation of the target that print,be being operated, when the system plays fall vacant paper to hint, you should put the paper that print correctly to be able to eliminate such clew only; But in fact, you often may be come up against there is the paper that print obviously in the chamfer that take paper, but the breakdown that the system still hints printer is short of paper, apparent because lack paper to cause,such breakdown is not, however the system taking paper of printer produced a problem.

And cause the factor with this kind of the most potential problem, it is printer the photoelectricity sensor in system taking paper damages or its surface coverture built dirt, bring about paper system to cannot convey paper existence signal well and truly to control a system to printer thereby.

Want to remove this kind of false trouble that be short of paper, you need to open the case of printer, ravel carefully next the roller pressing paper that paper system is in, whether does surface of examination photoelectricity sensor have dirt to enclothe, if is put in the word of dirt, you can use soft cotton gauze gently its exterior dirt to erase is clean.

Try to print an operation again later, look to whether can eliminate the false clew that be short of paper, if printer can eliminate automatically to lack paper breakdown phonily right now, if that proves if this kind of method is insoluble,this breakdown is the; that causes by dirt, that is printer likely very the photoelectricity sensor in system taking paper was damaged, right now need asks professional maintenance technician talent to resolve this trouble.

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