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Use guideline: Printer of family expenses ink jet is safeguarded reach maintain
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Bought the friend of printer of family expenses ink jet, hope printer work is steady mostly, the flower has been jumped over lesser in the charge on bad news material. Common saying says " want Ma Er runs, should feed it full " , we should master accurate use method only, the use with good nurturance is used to, we are completely OK the printer that be apt to has used him.

One, nurturance closes machine good convention

The face plate of printer of family expenses ink jet is general very concise, install only normally one, two pushbutton (1) seeing a picture, some are done not have even. The functional no more than of these pushbutton is switch power source or start move of the self check that print (also setting of printer of ink jet of partial family expenses has 3 above button, can provide more functions) . Use time grows, a lot of users begin lazy, often be disinclined to shut printer by power source pushbutton, not be to unplug directly power source outlet, close to insert line board switch namely. What does not know, such doing often harmful and profitless, we are closing the machine after machine to meet normally will print head restoration automatically, wear for ink box at the same time " cap " , prevent ink to evaporate loss. And use unplug of and so on of power source outlet " forcibly " involve machine kind, the head that print often has not enough time restoration, top also cannot cover ink box. Because this causes trouble of fixed position of the head that print extremely easily, ink volatilizes very easily also loss, the ink that becomes ropy jams possibly still the nozzle that print. Its are ink box life is decreased necessarily as a result short, printer gives the opportunity more of breakdown. So, we must nurturance passes machine custom correctly.

2, need not inferior the paper that print

A lot of families stem from cost consideration, won't choose the special ink jet with high price to print paper commonly when print, and normally use duplicating paper is replaced. Such doing have not cannot, but the duplicating paper that must choose quality reach a standard, paper quality should compact, bright and clean degree want tall, do not contain too much paper pink. Among them, inferior duplicating paper because its paper quality loose, surface is rough, the meeting is serious to printing a head to wear away, reduced the service life of printer thereby.

3, deposit ink box small doohickey

In printer of family expenses ink jet, ink box should is among them the mainest bad news material, we want to reduce the cost that print, want to make the decision of ink box necessarily. Because major domestic user often does not use printer usually, and be printed the capacity is not much also, because printer of this family expenses always uses a period of time, next unused a period of time. How do we save the ink box that already unsealed effectively? It is to look for a place to be put anyhow, still search to ink box smooth and steady " " ? Two kinds of practices, its effect differs however very big. Here, the author tells everybody a small doohickey that deposits ink box, we are ravelling when the outer packing of new ink box, ravel carefully please plastic close over, those who maintain ink box outer packing is complete (the outer packing here, those who point to is with ink box " close-fitting " hard plastic protect housing, can not be the outerest paper box) . Such, when ink box is temporary need not when, we its replace in plastic box, use the plastic close over that already lifted double-faced adhesive plaster close together agglutinate, in order to ensure ink box and outside are completely cut off. The author uses this means, what the ink box after ever unsealing successfully saved a year peacefully is long. If look do not go up these earthy method, so the method that we also have better safety to deposit. Nevertheless, this needs our in a way " spend money " . For example the beautiful that author place uses can printer ink box, in the market special ink box deposits small box (see a picture 2) , convenient we access ink box.
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