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It is crucial that recipe of umbriferous pilot life maintains in the round
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In recent years, the user of projector jumps, projector is enjoyed to be brought to the life, job in the user recreation and convenient while, because most user does not know however how scientific use and maintain projector, and the service life that caused projector directly drops and umbriferous quality is coarse, to improve the service life of projector and umbriferous quality, each big projector manufacturer is on after service pour into much energy, the projector VIP service that associates for example and projector serve lunar activity. But even if such, only the force by projector manufacturer, for relatively broad projector user, still be an utterly inadequate method in dealing with a severe situation. So, the use of projector and maintain, the key still is in user oneself, so, how does projector use ability to be scientific use after all? How should maintain again at ordinary times?

Maintain in the round make constitutionally like that

Projector needs to undertake maintaining in the round, decide by the composition of itself and tectonic place. Projector is technology of collect light, machine, cable the high-tech product at an organic whole, show slightly for relatively other IT products " enervated " , when be being used so and maintaining more need to be mixed scientificly meticulous and comprehensive. After projector makes give out to finish and be shut, some users to save the sources of energy, be cut off instantly or unplug power supply cord, dispute of this kind of energy-saving consciousness often is worth to advocate. But the working kind with special projector is distinguished at other IT products, because automatic protection function is set inside projector, shut umbriferous hind, its interior fan still can run automatically, lower the temperature of bulb a certain rate, fan is met later stop automatically to come loose hot, can prevent bulb so the attaint of this core equipment. If right now dump, fan will quit movement, in-house quantity of heat cannot come loose piece, cause projector bulb loss of life or damage, affect the following umbriferous quality.

The bulb of projector, it is to need to safeguard and use be need attention most, because be in,illume when condition, the temperature inside bulb has on 1000 Celsius, filament is in half frit condition, accordingly, in switch on the mobile phone below condition forbidden shake, move move projector, crack in order to prevent bulb flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil, filament ruptures. And correct use and attentive maintenance bulb can prolong bulb life effectively, reduce the use cost of the user thereby. Those who need special attention is: Because the machine comes loose,hot condition cuts off the power the damage that cause is one of repair causes with the commonnest projector, additional, reduce switch plane number the extension of beneficial bulb life.

Good convention is attentive caress

Good use is used to nature is projector to maintain foundation, caress the recipe that is projector long life attentively, no matter be business affairs user or education and domestic user, mix in daily use in maintaining, want above all dustproof, this is projector maintains the key that needs an attention, in the meantime, the area with user of this pair of education and northward large sand and dust appears particularly important, as a result of projector liquid crystal board is general by special fan with minutely a few litres air flow undertakes sending wind refrigeration to its, the likelihood when high speed air current passes filter dirt net notes smuggled into an examination hall is small grit, liquid crystal board becomes extremely easy generation is electrostatic when resembling and adsorptive tiny grit, this will produce undesirable effect to umbriferous picture. There are groove or mouth to be used at commonly on the housing of projector ventilated, airy entrance sets an inhaler, it is versed in dirt and contaminant filter when making in projector. If clear not in time it, jam extremely easily projector intake and cause trouble. Accordingly, seasonable ground, fixed ground undertakes for projector professional, effective remove dust, it is to defend the method with best projector; Next, prevent collide strongly, squash and shake, in projector use process, be being used correctly is the most important. This kind of circumstance needs to notice especially as the business affairs public figure that often carries projector to go out, collide strongly, squash and shake the displacement that can cause umbriferous core part, affect the result when showing. Its scorch camera lens can make below concussion orbit damages, cause camera lens to get stuck dead, even camera lens burst cannot be used; Again, prevent hot, moistureproof it is the obligatory course that maintains projector, in the use process of projector, the air temperature with its higher interior is caused easily to the machine damage. Accordingly, besides should clean screen pack in time, must notice to make sure airframe has come loose goodly hot environment, object of avoid by all means holds off projector intake. Additional, condole carries the projector of installation on the head, what should assure room upside space is ventilated medicinal powder hot. In certain and rainy season, be in southern region especially, bring about become damp of the component inside projector body, long mildew very easily, affect umbriferous result thereby, shorten the service life of the machine.
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