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Promote brightness and colour 4LCD projector the explanation at the same time
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Current, the video equipment of domestic most KTV and bar uses a back to cast commonly, flat or liquid crystal TV, the indication measure that has 80 inches is good, and the picture that projector provided larger measure, it is 100 inches show easily, even 300 inches. As projector gain ground ceaselessly, the price enters reasonable range, more entertainment operator enters the range of projector user.

From recreation umbriferous market development looks, should want to satisfy the distinctive need of recreational industry user from product function and character not only, and should provide close after service, after solving these problems only, recreational owner ability is at ease truly use.

From the point of demand, recreational industry is having the characteristic of extraordinary. No matter be to be in KTV or bar, the education that amount of the person that smoke and smoking frequency want to exceed a tradition far and business affairs use an occasion. And the deadly killer that soot tar is projector. Can be solved to general dirt through dustproof net, but tar lampblack is be all-pervasive. Add projector oneself to come loose to need hotly, so need undertakes communicating coming loose heating up with indoor air ceaselessly, be unavoidable the accumulation of aerosol, this affects the colour of projector to behave ability not only, can shorten even the service life of projector.

To solve the problem of the user, china number rolls out Xia Pu to measure the H325 series projector with custom-built body for public place of entertainment only, this series projector applies " 0 soot " design, use soot of isolation of 3 big unexpected tricky move, resolve soot tar worry thoroughly. This series projector uses 6 × fast color annulus with Xia Pu particular TV colour manages a technology, apply environmental characteristic in the light of recreational industry, core of machine of optics of the bulb protection system that uses innovation, metal and frequency conversion intelligence come loose hot protection system, solve the soot that perplexes user of recreational industry projector to tar adheres to and come loose thoroughly hot difficult problem, prolong overall service life effectively, get of recreational industry user chase after ardently hold in both hands. In the meantime, the expert inside course of study thinks consistently also, h325 is current exclusive one solves tar, soot, medicinal powder the professional recreation type of hot issue, an example of projector of recreation of it may be said.

In addition, recreational industry user also has very high demand to the integral plan ability of projector provider and after service ability. Because once appear,the problem will affect the normal operation of business directly, this satisfaction with respect to the loss that means money and ultimate consumer is spent drop even prediction of a person's luck in a given year. To this, buy the industry user of projector of series of Xia Pu H325, all can enjoy China number to offer " 3 insurance " service, solve the trouble back at home that recreational industry runs continuously thoroughly. By this token, product quality and after service just are to be concealed in " underwater " real value place.
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