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Breakdown mixes the holiday of ink jet printer to use a method correctly
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A few false breakdown of breakdown of ink jet printer and ink jet printer use a method correctly

Ink jet printer is domestic office system or one of unit informatization system very main component, it is one of important output equipment in all of computer science department. Because be in at ordinary times in office system, the frequency that ink jet printer is used is taller, the chance of occurrence breakdown of ink jet printer is accordingly more also. If you are an attentive person, the trouble that time has appeared ink jet printer has the word of summary, you can send under cover of the meeting in these numerous now breakdown a few false breakdown. Of course the author wants to state beforehand here, false breakdown is point to and either cause ink jet printer as a result of the attaint of the hardware in ink jet printer to cannot work normally, because software setting is undeserved,perhaps understand the wrong concept that go up as a result of user individual however, thinking printer of current ink jet cannot work was to produce breakdown for certain.

Fault of false printer fault one: The color that printed color and screen show is abhorrent

This kind of false breakdown is one kind slants actually lubricious phenomenon. The color that if your ink jet printer is printed,shows on the color that come out and screen is abhorrent, with respect to the specification gush is hit appeared to slant lubricious phenomenon. Appear the main reason of this kind of phenomenon is software the setting is undeserved, perhaps cause too as a result of printer driver version, or each user had a few impertinent settings in setting of the software that print. If excluded the breakdown account above, we should learn to corrective screen shows and print the effect actually. The different software that print, its specific correctional method is different, when it is normal that the author suggests everybody is being printed, open the printer option of commonly used software, had recorded right now setting; When having the generation of what breakdown later, need not boil cost idea to analyse a reason, the problem can be solved after light light Song Song restores the setting previously

Fault of false printer fault 2: Show to there is ink however when be being printed to still inky condition falls in ink indicator light

Present ink jet printer has ink condition directive to wait on Control Panel, pass this indicator light, the user can judge the ink in printer to whether had given out, so that change in time ink, so why to show to there is ink however when be being printed to still inky condition falls in ink indicator light? A lot of people suspect ink shower nozzle may be jammed, return somebody to think the other position of printer may appear breakdown. Actually the setting of the occurrence of this kind of false breakdown and user is concerned, printer should be installed to be when the user is using ink box first generally speaking most province condition. Has used ink box is OK the Zhang Shu that repeated usage prints is errant, the type is printed when basically seeing you be used for the first time, if first time of your ink box is loaded when of the setting is photograph paper, actually you made a few pieces of pictures only, so the program often can be calculated more dosage of a few ink; If you begin to be installed namely,be most province condition, the program is in with respect to dosage of ink of may little consideration knowledge is real already below the case that bad news fights, ink indicator light still can show the ink in printer returns superabundant quantity.
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