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Suit the remedy to the case eliminates " insert paper " clew breakdown
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When perhaps using printer to print test page to perhaps print documentation of a certain target, you can be encountered such a strange breakdown, that is printer put obviously in the chamfer that take paper have paper, still meet on Dan Bing act go out from move " insert paper please " clew, more strange is in clicking this clew interface " affirmatory " after pushbutton, printer still can undertake be printinged normally actually. When encountering this kind not to calculate the strange phenomenon that going up is breakdown, you this how is ability bored " insert paper please " is false clew eliminated?

Actually the phenomenon above anatomize, you discover printer oneself does not have a problem not hard, in clicking clew interface after all " affirmatory " after pushbutton, printer still can print target documentation come out, so will the strange phenomenon above affirms even if be installed undeserved cause. Install test discovery for many times through the author, if printer " paper origin " parameter repairs instead " the hand is moved send paper " if, so when printer is executing the mission that print every time, can go out from move " insert paper please " clew; wants to eliminate this clew, it is OK that you want to set parameter of printer paper origin afresh by following measures only:

Click above all " begin " in menu " setting " option, from play those who go out is inferior child the pitch on in menu " printer " option, open; of printer list interface

It is next in this interface, with the mouse right key clicks installation the target printer icon in this locality computer, click from inside playing the right key menu that go out " attribute " command, enter printer attribute to install window;

In clicking this to install the window then " groovy " option gets stuck, in clicking corresponding option to install a page again " print an option " pushbutton, click next ever since in the interface " paper / quality " option gets stuck, open the paper that print to install label page (if the graph is shown 1 times) ;

Click next " paper origin " set an office next pulling pushbutton, and from play next in drawing list options that give " automatic choice " option, click finally " affirmatory " pushbutton, complete the setting operation of the parameter that print. When you try to undertake printing again, you can discover right now printer won't be played piece " insert paper please " hinted phonily.