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Can imprints than rushing the effect raises a photograph to print quality skill
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Gain ground as what count a product, more and more users begin him consideration to buy a photograph to print equipment to output digital photograph, before paragraph the post that time edits to see a netizen in forum of ZhongGuanCun on-line product, the theme is seek advice about promoting what the photograph prints quality:

For the friend that prints to often using a picture actually, this kind of situation is relatively general still, do not want to use after all very costly strong imprint equipment rinses a photograph, the equipment that print still cannot achieve common ink jet to be become high gradely like the effect. Resemble this question that this netizen raises nevertheless, adopt corresponding method or can get settlement:

1 choose tall smooth printing paper

To most user, the photograph is outputted or give priority to with figure, tall smooth printing paper behaves a respect to want to having the advantage that cannot compare than common printing paper in figure. Brightness of tall smooth printing paper is white, colour expression is very bright-coloured, weight feels and the quality of ply feeling and true picture is close to very much. A little inferior nevertheless Gao Guangxiang paper sucks Chinese ink sex poorer, user choose and buy needs to notice.

2 be good at using image software

Because the photograph films a variety of reasons when bring about a photograph to be able to not achieve perfect becoming to resemble the effect, use graphical picture software to undertake corresponding adjustment is very necessary at this moment, so insufficient to brightness such problem can be passed completely like Photoshop such software is solved, adjust the setting such as balance of curve, contrast, colour and brightness to optimize a photograph for example.

3 photographs laminating

We know the one big characteristic of printer of hot sublimate photograph is laminating function, same argument, the photograph that we also can print to ink jet printer undertakes laminating, pass laminating cold back up, growth photograph saves time, also raise the glossiness of the photograph at the same time, and fighting oxidation and waterproof side also having good advantage.