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The perfect collocation of gold partner projector and umbriferous act
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The competition as projector market is intense with each passing day, this kind of enjoyment that exceeds big screen cost also can be borne by place of common common people gradually, build domestic movie theater with projector, become already exalted have those who savour is indicative. To average consumer, already understood projector basically how to should choose, but they often oversight a likewise serious problem, how to choose umbriferous screen namely. Umbriferous act and projector are a mutual complement, relation that supplement each other, saying path, good horse matchs good saddle, a right umbriferous screen often can produce the advantage of projector adequately, make umbriferous picture generates qualitative flight. The following author will introduce respectively in the light of high school low a few different projector should choose umbriferous screen.

Those who love general to lay 1080p EMP-TW2000 and screen of 120 inches of frame is perfect and tie-in

The top class family expenses that 8 years Aipusheng rolls out is completely high-definition projector EMP-TW2000, carry the face plate of liquid crystal of completely high-definition C2 FINE of new generation, carry automatic Iris function and deep image (DEEPBLACK) technology, realize 50000:1freeboard contrast, detail of perfect emersion shadow. In interface respect, offerred port of HDMI of two groups of 1.3 edition, convenient join equipment of all sorts of high-definition image sound, support 10 bit colour to handle at the same time, enlarged colour to behave limits, and give an appearance without colour depart and colour excessive. In the market of family expenses projector of nowadays, loving general to give birth to EMP-TW2000 is exalted indeed those who savour is indicative.

But to such one is put in the family expenses projector with professional image indoor sound, if umbriferous act is tie-in bad, the picture of the wonderful unsurpassed that it can behave is qualitative will cannot achieve perfect play. So the author recommends the friend that uses this projector, first selection 120 inches of 16:9frame screen, it uses solid metallic frame to make the outward appearance that makes similar frame, can achieve the appearance of extraordinary level, very as similar as cinema screen, and 120 inches wide cut shows an area, can bring extremely strong vision wallop, above collocation can develop the freeboard contrast of EMP-TW2000 acme, make video more clear and meticulous, make project the picture is achieved brand-new state, innovation goes richer humble forest cinema effect of the feeling.

Love general gives birth to 1080p EMP-TW1000 and 100 inches of perfect collocation of dynamoelectric act

Projector of completely high-definition family expenses has love general unripe EMP-TW1000 1920 × resolution of 1080 completely high-definition physics, pass automatic Iris function and new generation liquid crystal board " C2Fine " implementation 12000:1tall contrast, deploy new generation to love general to lay mirror of new film strain at the same time, can appear very the video expression of the shock. Join to facilitate equipment of high-definition image sound, it is special still offerred port of 1.3 edition HDMI, supportable 10bit colour is handled, enlarged colour gamut to behave limits, make color more rich.
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