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Handgrip hand teachs you 3 paces can play easily turn scanner
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Believe to be in most person eye, do decide a scanner to be not compared control camera of number of type of a card is complex, the first pace opens cover board, the 2nd pace puts scanning, the tradition that the 3rd pace combines upper cover board " cover a region " early with respect to do something one knows well, but stride Vista times as personal computer, scanning art also wants with when all is entered, type besides documentation of the A4 that finish, OCR identifying " compulsory exercise " outside, scanning of the PDF that make, film " free movement " essentials also masters without fail, the little skill in still a lot of is use also can allow our get twice the result with half the effort. As a result of the reason of working property, the author and scanner contact with are more, although check " machine " countless, but love general unripe V200 or author most a of praise highly, a lot of functions are very practical, share next results that use this scanner with everybody here, the flower opens 3, each express one branch, the rank is not divided early or late.

  Play easily turn Vista

IT sells the computer that Vista system does not support in field now almost already disappeared, but the scanner that does not support Vista system can can be found everywhere, this your Vista drive from the countless on the net appeals post can see. Regard the IT that takes the lead in answering Microsoft as the manufacturer, loving general to give birth to scanner is with Vista the system cooperates with rate is top.

Open computer, take out the Vista drive CD that carries randomly to undertake installing, receive scanner electrify source next, join scanner and computer with USB wire cable, when be sure to keep in mind to twinkle in scanner indicator light, do not want dump, lose estrangement attaint scanner in order to avoid data. After when computer clew identifying succeeds, in using love general to give birth to drive CD, give free " colour space " software will mix V200 the colour space that shows card to use adjusts ADOBE RGB, the purpose is for OK when picture of enlarge high accuracy the information content with enough put apart, in order to avoid the colour loss after the picture is revised.

Love general to give birth to drive of course dish in still provided other software, some also is not used certainly at ordinary times, do not install so also just as well. Doubleclick screen right now right the scanner mark of next horn, can play give " automatic mode " alternant interface, this specification V200 and Vista can begin " dialog " .

How to let your scanning extraordinary?

The person of familiar scanner knows, operation interface of Aipusheng always does very human nature is changed. This type offerred V200 domestic mode, office mode, professional mode scans 3 kinds mode, part the user object of corresponding and different level.

Before two kinds of scanning belong to goofy type operation almost, acquiescent option can. Professional mode just is the right way that realizes personalized scanning truly, of be the first to be affected is the set of scanning resolution, not may little user thinks this is very pediatric, actually otherwise, scanning quality does not want to become simple direct ratio with resolution like most person place, no less than we drive to be in impossibly any roads besides next arguments that choose 5 archives travel are same. The resolution of scanner is relative numerical value only, and rather than is absolutely and numeric, have effect of a zoom only, if be blind only the choice is top " archives " , besides occupy go you more hard disk spaces, when increasing scanning to use besides, do not have too great help to scanning quality. We should the basis scans original size and use purpose will choose resolution, for instance original measure outputs 300dpi can; If film scans, with us commonly used 135mm film is exemple, print 6 inches of photographs, 1200dpi is used completely quite; If enlarge comes A4 size, 2400dpi with respect to in the end.
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