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Rich can inspect " tornado " medicinal powder hot system development is analytic
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The United States is rich can inspect make trade as the professional and umbriferous mechanism that enjoys high reputation inside global limits, the design that owns a major makes a group " drawing office of completely beautiful work " , this year, the greatest gift that the industrial stylist of these completely beautiful tips brings for Chinese market applies in namely rich can inspect almost all fronts is tasted newly go up " tornado " all-around stereo medicinal powder hot system, the expert points out, in the light of Chinese projector main use environment remains the character that teachs a domain, this one most advanced medicinal powder a lot of advantage that hot system brings can let rich the skill that the Chinese user that can inspect learns high end in the use time in several years.

Well-known, bulb service life is to inspect projector product to come loose the target with hot dustproof the most immediate technology, regard the power comsumption of projector as the unit, bulb needs to move several hours below high temperature normally, longer even. This year the beginning of the year, projector user of China is rich to the United States can inspect 7 when release to be tasted newly drop all great interest while, tasted the compositive bulb service life that is as long as 4000 hours newly to these to make in succession active corresponding.

Rich can inspect major to design a group " drawing office of completely beautiful work " when the spokesman accepted media to interview a few days ago, express, bulb of 4000 hours uses time to come from at " tornado " all-around stereo medicinal powder hot system.

According to introducing, "Tornado " all-around stereo medicinal powder hot system is included " whole sealing smooth machine is designed " , " air channel of train in excess specified length " , " distinctive wind road is designed " and " double turbine fan " " independent bulb is cooling system " " whole is airtight type engine " wait for respect composition, rich can inspect a lot of be being tasted newly is the circumstance that is aimed at different type namely, have these technologies compositive with combination, achieve finally super- come loose by force hot effect, promotion bulb and overall service life.

With the United States rich can inspect what teach the market technically to undertake popularizing in the light of Chinese general is rich can inspect IN27 projector to be exemple, this type uses double turbine fan stereo medicinal powder hot, quickness eliminates accumulation to be in overall medium quantity of heat, the bulb refrigeration system with independent recycle is direct to bulb drop in temperature, undertake coming loose directly heating up.

On the other hand, rich the whole that can inspect IN27 to use is airtight type engine, can isolate smooth machine completely dirt, this reduced dirt to enter smooth machine to increase accumulation of the quantity of heat inside machine, the quantity of heat that makes projector in-house enters benign loop circularly.
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