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Make up for besides? 4LCD technology is analytic analyse with foreground
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The InfoComm08 last month is exhibited on the meeting, projector 4LCD technology got revealing outwards with the means of finished product first, japanese EIKI (love its) , SANYO (3 ocean) the company is carried taste LC-X85, PLC-XP2000CL newly to appear in exhibit on the meeting. These 2 projector all are newest 4LCD type, among them 3 foreign PLC-XP2000CL are sessional namely public relations relevant parameter, and love its video equipment (Shanghai) limited company just released LC-X85 in China, we also saw brightness of this 4LCD type also achieved 7000 lumen.

Sketch map of 4LCD job principle Sketch map of 4LCD job principle

The working principle extraordinary of 4LCD projector. Normally liquid crystal projector is basic it is to carry sheet piece type or the smooth road of 3 type, apply Gong Lula 3 primary colors synthesize a variety of colour, show a picture that has rich content then. And 4LCD is passed outside 3 primary colors, additional increase yellow to be participated in picture, formed true 4 primary colors to become way resembling light. Special optical engine makes 4LCD has taller brightness and more outstanding colour show.

Make LCD projector brightness taller, it is the core reason that 4LCD technology is born. The comment thinks, "The occurrence of 4LCD technology, the competition ability that will improve type of LCD Gao Liang and DLP greatly " . Occupy statistical data to show, in last few years the market growth range of DLP projector product is distinct product of prep above 3LCD. At present global projector market the sales volume portion of 60% is held by DLP product. It is the medium assembly room of 6000-8000 lumen in brightness especially, the auditorium uses project projector field, the city of DLP product is occupied leading was to surpass LCD product more many.

The reason that forms this kind of situation is to be in in respect of advanced brightness type, rate of mouth of face plate of be enslaved to be enslaved to of LCD umbriferous technology and transmittance losing are affected, in illuminant use efficiency to go up under DLP product. Accordingly, in retain price competition ability, below the case that uses more high-grade light source impossibly, the projector product of high-grade brightness in implementation, 3LCD technology is faced with giant bottleneck. The occurrence of 4LCD technology, its market purpose is very clear, hope umbriferous technology is in fill 3LCD namely the blank of this domain. The yellow that 4LCD optical engine gives out through strengthening pair of illuminant is used solely, improved the efficiency standard of optical engine significantly, achieved the goal that promotes liquid crystal measuring projector luminance level significantly.

The occurrence of 4LCD technology, as 3LCD make up for, make the pattern of LCD antagonism DLP will produce major change, just from Shang Buqing looks on product position at present clear is Anacreontic, nevertheless we can be analysed roughly. Adopt 4LCD technique introduce, above all undoubted is medium high-end project projector the competition henceforth will be even more intense, this is like place of 4LCD revolutionary expression, build go up in colour foundation, brightness had strengthen.
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